Xavier Woods Talks If WWE Has Creative Control With UpUpDownDown, How It’s Changed Backstage Morale

Xavier Woods spoke with spin.ph (Sports Interactive Network Philippines) about how a lot enter WWE has along with his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, how enjoying video games has modified the backstage ambiance, and if it is ever precipitated issues amongst WWE Superstars. Here are among the highlights:

How a lot artistic freedom he has with the UpUpDownDown channel:

“WWE has a say, clearly. It’s throughout the WWE umbrella. It is its personal factor although. So, I’d say I’ve 92% artistic management. I’m fortunate sufficient to now have a team of editors and producers. We’ve gone from me and two different guys to now me and 6 different individuals. So, it is creating jobs throughout the firm. There is not a lot they take out. The greatest factor is just cursing and that is as a result of individuals get heated.

“If you watch RAW or SmackDown, clearly these reveals are happening TV. So there’s good mild, good sound—it’s a pristine product. It is unbelievable. I attempt to make UpUpDownDown the exact opposite as a result of, to me, it is bought extra of a grassroots really feel to it. It’s me doing it. I deliver my studio with me in every single place I am going. It’s a briefcase with my laptop computer, my DSLR, a microphone, my mouse, and rechargeable batteries. I could arrange proper right here and movie an episode if I wished to. And that is how I prefer to maintain it, small and compact, so I can do it anyplace on the earth. That lack of manufacturing helps me create extra content material.”

How enjoying movies games backstage has change the ethical among the many WWE roster:

“It’s a whole one-eighty as a result of video games weren’t allowed. And then once the YouTube channel was producing cash for the firm, it turned okay. When we arrange a Playstation or an X-Box, we call it ‘The Lab,’ as a result of once we’re in there, we’re cooking. At its height, you would possibly see eight Playstations happening at one time within the locker room and it is a rotating factor. We have the reveals to fret about and we’d like a technique to chill out. Back within the day, it was once playing cards.

“For us, it is upped morale by 100%! There are guys who won’t have been as shut to one another and now, they have a tight-knit battle they’re going to need to get to once they get to the sector. So it helps in that respect. And truthfully, that reinforces everybody up so once we’re within the ring, performing, we’re much more comfy with one another. It’s very wholesome for the locker room, I feel.”

If recording UpUpDownDown movies backstage has ever precipitated issues between WWE Superstars:

“Even if guys have a problem with one another, it does not get bodily. We’re all performers and professionals. If there’s an precise problem between guys and women, once you’ve got handed by means of the curtain, we’re working and all of us have the identical goal. But, when stuff does occur in ‘The Lab,’ that is when promos happen. And truthfully, I really feel like everyone’s promo game has been going just a little greater just as a result of you’ve got to have the ability to discuss trash when you’re in there!”

Woods talked about eSports and enjoying himself in WWE 2K19. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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