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Woman who hasn’t had a haircut in 28 years from time to time journeys over her 6-foot-long tresses / Boing Boing

A 33-year-old woman in Ukraine hasn’t lower her hair in 28 years, and says she does not suppose she ever will. Alena Kravchenko, from Ukraine, says her hair is a part of her id – which, no less than within the appears to be like division, she compares to Rapunzel – and she or he does not have any plans on slicing it.

But her lengthy mane does have it drawbacks. Over 6 ft lengthy, it is a chore to clean, which she does best once each and every 3 weeks. She additionally from time to time journeys on it. And then there may be her kids, who like to play in it, inflicting her to stick with it in a bun more often than not. According to Oddity Central:

By the time she had reached her teenagers, Alena Kravchenko’s hair had already reached midway down her again, and through her early 20s, it reached her waist, then her knees, and in her early 30s, it began touching the ground. That’s when she started tripping on it, and as her two kids were given older, it was much more problematic as they cherished to play with it, so Alena began tying it up in a bun, best letting it down on weekends and for particular events.

Check out Kravchenko’s Instagram footage. Pretty spectacular hair certainly!


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