Who’s behind the egg that broke the Instagram world report?

By now, you’ve got heard concerning the egg, which surpassed a photo of Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, on Sunday because the most-liked put up on Instagram. 

But who did the egg? Whose dumb however in the end profitable thought was this?

Here’s what we all know to this point:

1. The egg account holder goes by “Henrietta.”

Henrietta is, according to a report from BuzzFeed News, a “hen from the British countryside.”

2. The account holder, nevertheless, claims to stay in London.

“I’m a person residing in London,” the account holder told The Independent earlier this week. They additionally revealed that they solely have 400 followers on their private Instagram account.

3. The egg’s title is Eugene, allegedly.

In some interviews, the account holder goes by the title Eugene, bypassing the entire “Henrietta” schtick fully.

Nothing breeds creativity like abruptly not ingesting.

5. Fans of the egg are referred to as the “Egg Gang.”


6. Supreme Patty is a suspect.

So far, the one public determine to have implied duty for the egg is Supreme Patty, an Instagram star who smokes sizzling sauce and is thought for squeezing lemon juice into his personal eyes. While Patty did not claim he did the egg outright, certainly one of his mates did say so in a TMZ interview. (This is, in fact, to be taken with a lemon-sized grain of salt.)

For what it is value, we don’t suppose Supreme Patty did the egg. It’s extra doubtless that he is just capitalizing on the large meme of the second. He did get an egg tattoo, although, so kudos on committing to the bit. And the egg does comply with him on Instagram … oh god.

We’ve reached out to Supreme Patty and can replace this put up if we hear again. Until then, keep tuned for extra egg updates.

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