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UN counterterror most sensible canine requires “rehabilitation” of ISIS jihadis and their “reintegration” into Western societies

Another inexpert “expert.”

“We need to think about the reintegration of a number of people involved in these terrorist activities, but after the rehabilitation process.”

Rehabilitation procedure? When has that ever labored? In fact, deradicalization techniques, upon which the West has positioned such a lot hope, have lengthy been an obvious failure. Such techniques are in line with the idea that the real teachings of Islam are non violent, and so all that must be accomplished is display the jihadis how they’re false impression the Qur’an and overlooking its teachings of peace, and all will probably be neatly. But because the Qur’an and Sunnah are full of instructions to make struggle against and subjugate unbelievers, the concept that jihadis can also be “deradicalized” by means of connection with them is just a delusion informed to Infidel government to lull them into complacency.

Deradicalization techniques were applied in different places, particularly in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Let’s take a look at how they fared. From the Jihad Watch archives:

Gitmo prisoner finds: Saudi “deradicalization program” is actually a jihad coaching program

11 ex-Gitmo prisoners flee the Saudi “rehabilitation program” and sign up for up with terrorist teams

Jaw-dropper: 25 former Gitmo detainees “return to militancy” in spite of Saudi rehab program!

Graduate from Saudi jihadi rehab program killed in Syrian jihad: “killed a large number of Christians before his acceptance by God”

Flight 253 jihadist wasn’t cured by means of Saudi anti-jihad artwork treatment

Former Guantanamo detainee now most sensible al-Qaeda ideologue — “He was transferred to Saudi Arabia in 2006 where he was placed in a national rehabilitation project.”

Indonesian government admits that its jihadist rehab program is a failure

Malaysia: Muslim cleric active in deradicalization program promotes hatred of non-Muslims

France’s most effective jihadi “deradicalization” heart is remaining — it used to be voluntary, and it used to be empty

Australia: Multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded “deradicalization” helpline “failing to gain traction”

Voronkov endured: “…and these two processes are very difficult but very important in order to achieve the final goal to exclude terrorism from the international agenda.”

Good success with that, tovarisch, but if the “international community” refuses even to recognize the motivating ideology in the back of jihad terrorism, you aren’t prone to accomplish it.

“UN Official Calls for Reintegration of Daesh Family Members Into Society,” Sputnik News, December 15, 2018 (due to The Religion of Peace):

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Vladimir Voronkov, the top of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, known as at the world group on 15 December to resolve the problem of reintegration of kinfolk of the participants of the Daesh* terrorist crew into society.

“We need to think about the reintegration of a number of people involved in these terrorist activities, but after the rehabilitation process, and these two processes are very difficult but very important in order to achieve the final goal to exclude terrorism from the international agenda,” Voronkov mentioned at the Doha Forum 2018 in Qatar, including that it used to be essential to display that there used to be some way ahead for the ones folks….

Voronkov published that his workplace used to be getting ready a guide on the most productive practices in the counterterrorism box.

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