Tories launch probe into Johnson burka comments


Boris Johnson is to face investigation by an independent panel after comparing women in burkas to “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”.

The former foreign secretary, who resigned last month, is facing claims he breached the party’s code of conduct in an article for the Sunday Telegraph.

In it, Mr Johnson questioned why Muslim women who wear the full-face veil would “go around looking like letter boxes”.

He added he would “feel fully entitled” to ask a woman “looking like a bank robber” in a school or university lecture theatre to remove her burka.

A Conservative Party spokesperson said in a statement: “The code of conduct process is strictly confidential.”

Sky News understands several complaints about Mr Johnson’s remarks have been received by the party.

It comes after head of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick ruled out a criminal investigation into the comments.

“I spoke last night to my very experience officers who deal with hate crime,” she told the BBC’s Asian Network.

“And although we have not yet received any allegation of such a crime, I can tell you that my preliminary view from having spoken to them is that what Mr Johnson said would not reach the bar for a criminal offence.

“He did not commit a criminal offence.”

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