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Tom Prichard Talks Why He Doesn’t See AEW Succeeding, Training Vince McMahon To Wrestle, Kane

Dr. Tom Prichard spent many of the closing 25 years as a WWE worker in some form or model. He used to be a part of two WWE tag groups: The Heavenly Bodies and The Bodydonnas before changing into a WWE instructor for the likes of Kurt Angle and The Rock.

By the overdue 90s Prichard used to be the pinnacle instructor and that still came about to be across the time Vince McMahon began competing within the ring. Thus, Dr. Tom had the posh of coaching his boss within the ring and Prichard mentioned that activity on our WINCLY podcast.

“For me at that time in my life it was kinda weird,” Prichard stated on coaching McMahon. “He and [Tom’s brother] Bruce have a special courting than he and I do. But it used to be kinda cool as a result of in the ones coaching classes I were given to look a special facet of Vince [McMahon] that I knew existed as a result of [Vince] Russo instructed me how he’s.

“I used to be all the time one of the crucial boys. I used to be by no means an place of work man and when Vince got here to coach, he used to be one of the crucial boys. That used to be very cool, however on the identical time, I knew what I used to be there for…

“It was weird at times, but then it became kind of cool because if I could do this with Vince, then I could do it with pretty much anybody.”

Prichard left WWE in 2012 and in fresh years he has skilled long term wrestlers at his college that he co-owns with Kane. Prichard mentioned how the Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy (JPWA) got here to be.

“We were having dinner during the [mayoral] campaign and we were talking about the various wrestling schools that were out there,” Prichard mentioned. “Glen said, ‘I wonder what we could do here in Knoxville, Tennessee with a wrestling school.'”

Kane then famous that he has a space in Dandridge, Tennessee that is just sitting there and now not in use. They mentioned making that space right into a wrestling college the place the storage can be the place the learning came about and scholars would then reside within the home on the identical time. However, they discovered that the home used to be too small.

But Kane and Prichard additionally had a mutual pal who had a gymnasium they usually contacted him concerning the wrestling college concept. They all agreed that they could convert the gymnasium right into a wrestling academy and that’s the reason how JPWA used to be born.

The communicate then shifted to upstart wrestling promotions and Prichard weighed in on why WWE will all the time remain most sensible canine.

“WWE will be the king for years to come just because of the magnitude of what they have,” stated Prichard. “I mean there are layers and layers of talent at the Performance Center in Orlando. By the sheer magnitude of what they are able to do, I don’t see anyone overtaking or even coming close to WWE’s success anytime soon.”

Prichard then introduced up the International Wrestling Association that began within the 1970s. It used to be based via a co-owner of the Chicago White Sox and had large stars like Mil Mascaras and Ernie Ladd, alternatively it folded after 3 years.

Fast ahead to lately and All Elite Wrestling is supposedly going to be based via any other professional sports activities proprietor in Tony Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars. While occasions have modified, Prichard does not suppose AEW will prevail as a result of WWE would possibly not allow them to prevail.

“Don’t get me wrong, the climate has certainly changed and there is a possibility [of AEW being successful]. But in my humble opinion, as soon as somebody gets hot, the WWE is hot enough to say, ‘Here’s twice as much as you’re making there. We’re gonna steal you and bring you over here.’ Look what happened to Ricochet and a lot of talented guys,” stated Prichard.

“I perceive there’s a degree of good fortune that those guys have already discovered… nevertheless it takes ability to make an organization. You need to have unswerving ability, and I’m positive they do, nevertheless it remains to be observed.

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