ThisPersonDoesNotExist Is A Terrifying Glimpse Of What Neural Networks Are Succesful Of

AI-generated faux photos and movies can sometimes be humorous, however normally they seem to be a creepy look into an all-too-near future the place we won’t distinguish the actual from the faux. is a scary instance of the latter. ​ 

The positioning shows one factor: a photograph of a seemingly actual individual. The picture modifications every time you refresh the web page. However the folks within the images aren’t actual. They’re AI-generated fakes, produced by a generative adversarial community (GAN) constructed by graphics and machine studying large Nvidia. Here is a take a look at the way it works:


However you’d be hard-pressed to guess the faces are faux, simply from taking a look at them. Is that this your organization’s CEO? No, he is faux:


Is that this the girl down the road? Nope, this set of pixels is just not actual:


Have you ever seen this girl? After all you have not, no person has ever seen her:


When a inform does grow to be obvious, it is usually discovered within the background. Right here, the foliage is clearly harking back to the psychedelic photos produced by Google’s Deep Dream:


Right here, the stray, shimmering blob hanging over this man’s head is a giveaway:


  As is the blurring of the microphone right here:


And sometimes, it messes up faces too, like this woman’s unimaginable eye wrinkles:


Nonetheless, it appears solely a matter of time earlier than Nvidia and others work out the ultimate kinks and at that time society is properly and really screwed. 

[ThisPersonDoesNotExist by way of Donie O’Sullivan]

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