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When I used to be a child, we used to sing Merle Travis’s Sixteen Tons within the automotive on lengthy journeys: it is a poetic masterpiece, shooting the conflict between a employee’s proud and indomitable spirit and his unimaginable, inescapable poverty lure (chances are you might have heard Tennessee Ernie Ford or Johnny Cash carry out it).

The plight of the employee indebted to an organization retailer analogizes regrettably neatly to the current scholar debt disaster: to receives a commission, you need to incur debt, however the debt is titrated in order that it all the time exceeds your salary, in order that you need to paintings as onerous as you in all probability can just to stay from sinking. And since scholar debt is the one debt that can not be discharged in bankruptcy and the one debt that may be charged against your Social Security, it’ll actually hang-out you till the day you die — after which come again to make claims against your property.

So Steven Brust (in the past) and Mark Hall’s student-debt remix of the lyrics, “Sixteen Credits,” is especially apt, in a ha-ha-only-serious means.

Some other folks say a man is produced from gore

Well a scholar is just a credit score ranking

A credit score ranking and a thoughts that’s spry

A long run that’s bleak, a checking account that’s dry

You take 16 credit and what do you get?

Close in your stage and deeper in debt

St. Peter don’t you call me cuz I will have to keep

I owe my soul to Sallie Mae

Enrolled one morning, it was once drizlin rain

“Get a degree” was once the varsity’s chorus

Should I find out about English, or must or not it’s Math?

Decades of debt was once the one trail.

You take 16 credit….

Sixteen Credits [Steven Brust and Mark Hall/Dreamcafe]

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