"The Devil Loves Sex Too" By Sunday Akanni Moshood


By Sunday Akanni Moshood

Sex and all of it pleasures remain an astonishing matter to people. Even an historic sensible king (Solomon, the son of David) could not totally comprehend how a full-grown honourable man would permit sexual pleasures strip him of his dignity just to put with an unpleasant-looking maid (Proverbs 30:19)

The pleasures that stems from sexual-related actions is undoubtedly distinctive. Either one is participating in the precise intercourse, or one is gazing at an image or video of two individuals having sex, or one is even enjoying together with his/her sexual organs in a secret place, the very fact remains that the pleasures derived from these actions can hardly ever be obtained from different sources - not even from meals and sleep.

And so, people loves sex a lot - since sex helps obtain one thing the human flesh craves for: soothing pleasure.

But we should notice that people will not be the one set of beings that loves sex - however even devil (the evil satan) loves sex too. How can devil - a religious being - loves sex? Is the satan additionally indulging himself in direct sexual activity?

Of course, being a religious being, it's unattainable that the satan indulge himself in direct sexual activity. Then, what makes him loves sex? It is just because, sex is an enormous device that retains serving to the satan obtain his evil goals and intentions, from technology to technology.

The ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH created Lucifer (who would later change into devil, the satan) to be a dynamic archangel within the heavenly realms. The satan was a fantastic creature who stands before the Throne of the Living God, created and crammed with sonorous musical elements, in addition to all method of treasured stones.

He (devil) sadly allowed delight to come back in, and he was punished severely by God. He was demoted from his place in heaven. And finally, it was made identified that after a time frame, devil and his cohorts can be damned perpetually in a lake burning with everlasting fire (Revelations 20:10)

How does this concern we people? As lengthy as this world remains, one common thruth that will not be modified is the truth that an individual will reap what he/she sows. The soul that sins shall die (Ezekiel 18:20). The satan is aware of that the set time for his final punishment within the lake of fire is nearly right here, and he is additionally conscious that people who failed to do God's biddings will partake within the everlasting torment. And being an evil creature, the satan retains working onerous to affect people into committing sin against God.

How does this concern sex? The satan, conscious of how a lot the human flesh prioritise sexual pleasures, had made sex a positive device to make people sin against God.

The bottomline is that this. A human commits a sin when he/she moved opposite to the need of God (and such a individual is in danger/hazard of perishing in hell if he/she failed to repent)

Additionally, a human being commits sexual sins if he/she goes opposite to the need of God with regard to sex and sexuality. The will of God for sex is that each one form of sexual pleasures must be shared between a married man and his feminine wife inside their marriage union, with no different get together concerned.

Satan loves sexual actions that disobeys and are opposite to the need of God for sex. Premarital sex, extra-marital sex, masturbation, pornography appearing and viewing, sexting - all makes devil pleased. Such illicit sexual actions makes devil excited (he loves them) not as a result of he derives direct bodily pleasure from the acts, however as a result of they help obtain his intention: drawing numerous people to hell fire before the top of the ages. Don't overlook the Bible says in John 10:10 that the satan involves "steal, to kill, and to destroy".

Should I inform you the sort of sex devil hates? It is the sex between a married man and his wife contained in the safe confines of their marriage establishment.

If you continue to interact in premarital/extramarital sex, otherwise you nonetheless masturbate or view pornography, stop it now! Stop making devil pleased together with your sexual way of life, and stop pushing your soul nearer to the gates of hell.

Pray to God for forgiveness and strategy His Throne via the Name of His Son JESUS CHRIST.


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