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White Instagram Models Pretending To Be Black, Is Weird Trend

The dialog round blackface ceaselessly comes to clueless or racist (or very each?) white individuals who paint their faces black like Al Jolson in “The Jazz Singer”, and continue to place on a shockingly offensive and rubbish dress. The functions …

Flat Earthers Introduce New Weird Theory: Doughnut Earth!

Flat Earthers have made up their justifiable share of theories concerning the planet we continue to exist for lots of years now. They are identified for one of the crucial maximum ridiculous theories in the market, such as Australia no …

Weird 19th-century portray, allegedly by way of Manet, got rid of from public sale / Boing Boing

The Hands Resist Him has not anything in this atypical portray, mentioned to be by way of Édouard Manet, of a bone-white formative years clutching a staring, mouthless thriller mammal. You had an opportunity of shopping for it at Sothebys, …

$847.63 [Weird] Source hyperlink

YouTube demanding situations, thriller meat, and feral varmints – and Florida Man will get the week off. It's the Fark Weird News Quiz, Sept. 14-20 Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo Edition [Silly] Source hyperlink

Strutting thru your office dressed in not anything however a novelty "elephant thong willy warmer", hi-vis vest and boots is not any technique to stay your task, bizarre man [Dumbass] Source hyperlink

Ice-T — using a McLaren 720S — is arrested for blowing thru George Washington Bridge toll sales space with out an E-ZPass [Weird] Source hyperlink

Weird, why used to be Campbell’s Soup vice president Kelly Johnston tweeting racist #MigrantCaravan lies? / Boing Boing

You guys, when the unusual will get bizarre on best of the most unearthly bizarre, you could have this sort of tale. It’s in point of fact bizarre. Campbell Soup Company used to be as of late pressured to disclaim …