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Really good good looks queen and ABC exec virtually kills her kids with uncooked liver smoothies, to not point out herself with espresso enema. Somebody needed to inexperienced mild The Love Boat [Scary] Source hyperlink

Air Jamaica flight crashes in Guyana. 82 Canadians/128 passengers don’t die. Something else you’ll be able to blame at the legalization of Marijuana in Canada–flying Air Blunt. And if you’re questioning why Guyana, the flight took off there [Scary] Source hyperlink

Vehicle crashes into highschool band room. No phrase if the band was once taking part in Nearer, My God, To Thee [Scary] Source hyperlink

A host of rednecks with weapons are loitering alongside the southern border. What could perhaps cross improper? [Scary] Source hyperlink

(10210729) Welcome to the 2018 Fark Halloween Scary Story thread! Does your tale scare extra other people than this week’s information? Prove it! Top 10 Scariest (SMART) and Funniest (FUNNY) voted tales will earn their creator a month of GeneralFark

Links are submitted by means of participants of the Fark neighborhood. When neighborhood participants publish a hyperlink, in addition they write a customized headline for the tale. You wish to create an account to publish hyperlinks or submit feedback. Click …

Scary Giant Blue Stars May Unlock Mysteries of Stellar Evolution

Imagine a unmarried superstar extra luminous than 1,000,000 suns, erupting each few a long time in a large flare that shines as shiny as a supernova. But the blast, as ferocious as it’s, does now not obliterate the tumultuous superstar. …

While everybody used to be obsessing over that oblong iceberg, some other one the scale of Manhattan just broke off from Antartica [Scary] Source hyperlink

Don’t let those four frightening conference-goers hang-out you

Unfortunately, there are some attendees, visitors and audio system who’re extra creepy than any horror film. Be looking out, and don’t let those scary characters smash your enjoy. Source hyperlink