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It's the 2d Monday of November, that implies this night's Paul's Memory Bank (8PM ET) brings you two hours of stuff that were given added to my iTunes library in November, or a large sampling of earlier November presentations [Live] Source hyperlink

It's legitimate: cop who stole hashish laced chocolate bar proof from raid, then ate them, then freaked out and referred to as for help with an "An officer in serious trouble" code has been judged to be "A complete idiot" [Fail] Source hyperlink

It's now not ceaselessly you get to make use of either one of your happily overlapping abilities as an anesthesiologist and a cave diver [Followup] Source hyperlink

It's Been A Long Week, But Here's A Baby Elephant Trying To Stand Up For The First Time

There positive has been a large number of information this week, huh? Here’s a factor this is surely now not “news,” however is “good.” Source hyperlink

Apple Used To Be An Inventor. Now It's Mainly A Landlord

It’s taking advantage of loyalty, however Apple can’t stay elevating iPhone prices ceaselessly. So a long way, its products and services aren’t insanely nice. Source hyperlink

OK, it's now not Halloween or the day before, it's 2 days before, so this night (8PM EDT) it's Paul's Memory Bank's Halloweeneeneen Show, that includes Orson Welles & The Mercury Theater at the Air's 'The War of the Worlds' from 80 years in the past [Live] Source hyperlink

YouTube demanding situations, thriller meat, and feral varmints – and Florida Man will get the week off. It's the Fark Weird News Quiz, Sept. 14-20 Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo Edition [Silly] Source hyperlink

"My god, it's full of ice" [Repeat] Source hyperlink