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Why you assume you might be seeing swastika pins in Google Maps

Some Google Maps customers are creating a complicated and troubling discovery when opening the app. In some circumstances, customers reported that they are seeing the swastika image on some places, particularly inns, when opening up Google Maps, in line with …

Can Blockchain Maps Replace GPS?

These examples are definitely interesting. But the bodily international may not be as simple to map as crypto-cartographers consider. Money used to be blockchain‚Äôs first target, however in concept, any form of settlement that these days calls for a intermediary …

Swastikas Are Appearing On Google Maps And People Have Taken Notice

Swastikas had been showing on more than a few sights at the Google Maps utility for other people all over the world. On Friday, a woman named Katie from Dublin, Ireland, tweeted that the emblem seemed for her rather than …