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Tonight on Stupid Criminal Tricks: Darwin Edition, sanguine sneak thief scratches self, silently slips away [Fail] Source hyperlink

It's the 2d Monday of November, that implies this night's Paul's Memory Bank (8PM ET) brings you two hours of stuff that were given added to my iTunes library in November, or a large sampling of earlier November presentations [Live] Source hyperlink

New find out about displays that because the selection of driverless automobiles at the highway will increase, so too will the selection of other folks having sex in them [Obvious] Source hyperlink

What could be less than looting? How about looting whilst disguised as fire services and products employees [Dumbass] Source hyperlink

Really good good looks queen and ABC exec virtually kills her kids with uncooked liver smoothies, to not point out herself with espresso enema. Somebody needed to inexperienced mild The Love Boat [Scary] Source hyperlink

Veterans Day, an afternoon of remembrance to honor our army warriors. The chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs discussing the GI Bill these days: "This is – to be kind – a train wreck" [Asinine] Source hyperlink