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The file on “active shooter” fatalities is fragmented; because of this, the AMA researchers who printed
Lethality of Civilian Active Shooter Incidents With and Without Semiautomatic Rifles in the United States
in JAMA (Sci-Hub Mirror) needed to piece collectively their very own knowledge from disparate sources.

The researchers concluded that entry to semiautomatic rifles considerably elevated the deadliness of mass shootings, almost doubling the common variety of fatalities and growing nonfatal accidents by a large margin. The researcher level out that this finding displays the semiautomatic rifles “working as intended”: “Semiautomatic rifles are designed for easy use, can accept large magazines, and fire high-velocity bullets, enabling active shooters to wound and kill more people per incident.”

The researchers studied lone shooters (excluding the San Bernadino killers) and likewise excluded the 2017 Mirage shooting in Las Vegas, which was an outlier in terms of fatalities. They tallied 248 shootings, between 2000 and 2017.

Their conclusions: semiautomatic rifles increase fatalities by 94% and accidents by 81% on common.

The researchers lamented that they could not be taught extra from these shootings given the constraints of the FBI knowledge. For occasion, particulars in regards to the accidents sustained by victims would possibly help them pinpoint how a lot extra hazard — if any — a semiautomatic weapon presents.

They additionally speculated that the intentions of shooters who wield semiautomatic firearms is perhaps completely different from these of different shooters. If so, that distinction would possibly account for at the very least a number of the extra accidents and deaths.

“This lack of data highlights the need for a national centralized database to inform the debate on an assault weapons ban,” the researchers wrote.

Lethality of Civilian Active Shooter Incidents With and Without Semiautomatic Rifles in the United States
[Elzerie de Jager, Eric Goralnick, Justin C. McCarty, et al/JAMA] (Sci-Hub Mirror)

Shooters are twice as deadly when a semiautomatic rifle is in the mix, study finds [Karen Kaplan/LA Times]

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