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Seven Muslims discovered to blame of working rape gang, one woman was once raped by way of “at least 100” Muslims before she was once 16

1,400 British non-Muslim youngsters have been gang-raped and brutalized by way of Muslims in a single town by myself, and “several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

Why did they worry being regarded as racist? The Muslim rape gangs went unreported, unprosecuted, and usually unstopped on account of far-Left organizations including Hope Not Hate, Faith Matters, and Tell Mama, which waged relentless conflict against somebody and everybody who spoke out about those factor. They demonized as “Islamophobic,” “hateful” and “bigoted” somebody who mentioned that there have been Muslim rape gangs in any respect, and that they needed to be stopped. They led the campaign to prohibit Pamela Geller and me from coming into the rustic, when one of the vital occasions we had mentioned going to was once a rally against the Muslim rape gangs.

Hope Not Hate has scrubbed the proof, but it surely was once imaginable to seek for “grooming” (as those gangs are most often referred to as “grooming gangs” within the British media) at Hope Not Hate’s website online. You would have noticed that the majority of the articles bringing up this tradition have been attacking those that have been calling consideration to it and protesting against it.

Who is liable for the mass gang-rape of British ladies by way of Muslims? The British Left — specifically the “anti-hate” crusaders Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate, Fiyaz Mughal of Faith Matters and Tell Mama, and their pals, supporters, and allies.

The lives of a minimum of 1,400 ladies are ruined lately on account of those males. If Britain have been even with reference to being a sane society lately, those other folks can be being subjected to sizzling grievance, and there can be an intensive public reevaluation of the way a lot the Left’s alliance with Islamic supremacism and smear campaign against foes of jihad terror has harmed the country and its other folks.

But Britain isn’t a sane society lately, and those sinister people — Lowles, Mughal, and the remainder of them — proceed to wield their substantial energy and affect in British society. If Britain is ever to get better itself and stave off chaos, civil conflict and Sharia, Lowles, Collins, Mughal and others like them can be arrested and attempted. But that isn’t going to occur.

“Rotherham child sexual abuse: Gang of seven guilty,” BBC, October 29, 2018:

Seven males had been discovered to blame of grooming and exploiting younger ladies, including person who was once sexually abused by way of “at least 100 Asian men” before the age of 16.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how the boys focused and exploited the teens before subjecting them to acts of a “degrading and violent nature”.

They abused 5 younger ladies over a seven year length in Rotherham.

The gang have been convicted of offences including rape and indecent attack.

One woman described being bitten and raped by way of two of the boys in Sherwood Forest whilst “high as a kite” on medicine.

Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, 37, Asif Ali, 33, Tanweer Ali, 37, Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 39, Nabeel Kurshid, 35, Iqlak Yousaf, 34, and a 7th man, who can’t be named for criminal causes, have been convicted after an ordeal.

An 8th man, Ajmal Rafiq, 39, was once discovered no longer to blame of 1 depend of false imprisonment and one depend of indecent attack.

The males are because of be sentenced on 16 November.

The convictions are the newest to return out of Operation Stovewood, the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) investigation into kid sexual exploitation in Rotherham, which has known greater than 1,500 sufferers.

During an ordeal lasting greater than 8 weeks the jury heard the boys, who’re all of British Pakistani heritage, preyed at the ladies’ vulnerability before they have been sexually assaulted and handed directly to different males.

Prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC mentioned the women were “lured by the excitement of friendship with older Asian youths” however have been then “targeted, sexualised and in some instances subjected to acts of a degrading and violent nature”.

She mentioned: “None of them had the maturity to understand that they were being groomed and exploited, often believing that sex of some kind was a necessary price for friendship.”

Operation Stovewood is the biggest regulation enforcement investigation into non-familial kid sexual exploitation in the United Kingdom.

It started in 2014 after a file discovered a minimum of 1,400 youngsters in Rotherham have been the sufferers of abuse between 1997 and 2013….

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