Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg stunned Golden Globes attendees with, uh, free flu pictures

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, both pro-flu shot.
Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, each pro-flu shot.

Image: NBCUniversal through Getty Images

The Golden Globes this year have been sick.

So sick in truth, that co-hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg determined to offer out “$50,000 price” of FREE FLU SHOTS to attendees rather than one thing way more satisfying like delivery pizza.

In the surprising bit, “educated nurses” emerged from the stage to LMFAO’s good outdated membership banger “Shots” and made their approach by the viewers of nervous celebs with needles in hand. 

Samberg assured of us that is what they got here for, mentioning all of the sleeveless attire within the room, and gave any anti-vaxxers within the room — who have been most likely seconds away from standing up and strolling out — a beneficiant head’s up.

“If you’re an anti-vaxxer jut put a serviette over your head and we’ll skip you,” Samberg joked, a lot to the delight (and confusion) of viewers at home.

Keep the bits comin’, of us.

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