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Rwanda: Over 140,000 Begin Secondary School Leaving Exams

A mixed 14,3551 secondary faculty applicants – 46,653 for Advanced Level and 96,898 for Ordinary Level – will these days start their respective nationwide examinations at other websites around the nation.

The 2018 nationwide examinations will run via November 27 for O-Level applicants and November 30 for A-Level applicants.

There are 447 exam centres around the nation for O-Level applicants whilst there are 381 centres for A-Level applicants, officials mentioned the day prior to this.

Practical assessments will likely be performed from 243 centres.

The assessments are expected to be introduced at Groupe Scolaire Kagarama in Kicukiro District, formally kicking off the workout at 8a.m.

The applicants are expected to be seated of their respective exam rooms through 8a.m and could have 30 mins to learn during the directions and fill in elementary data on exam booklets.

The first examination will get started at 8:30a.m and shut at 11:30am, officials mentioned, whilst the second will get started at 2p.m via 5p.m.

A complete of 54,194 women and 45,096 boys are expected to show up for O-Level examinations.

Today, O-Level applicants will get started with Mathematics before sitting Kinyarwanda within the afternoon.

Senior Three applicants will even write assessments in History and Citizenship I, History and Citizenship II, Physics, English, Chemistry, Entrepreneurship, Geography and Environment I, Geography and Environment II, and Biology and Health sciences.

Innocent Hagenimana, the general public family members officer at Rwanda Education Board, confident of security of the examinations, including that measures have been taken to prevent malpractices.

The examinations have been dispatched to the other centres Thursday ultimate week, he mentioned.

Hagenimana mentioned that REB, the Ministry of Education and the police, amongst different stakeholders, have been operating intently to verify the graceful working of the examinations.

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