Renee Young Credits WWE Higher-Ups With Helping Her Rise To Announce Team, Talks “Cool Opportunity”


Renee Young recently spoke with The Toronto Sun and admitted that the importance of her promotion to the WWE RAW announce team hasn’t hit her but.

“For me, I’m Renee Paquette from Toronto, Ontario, Canada,” Renee stated. “Now I have this really cool opportunity. My life has changed so much over the last six years with WWE and to have this opportunity in front of me … I just want to do the best job that I can do.”

Renee credited a number of higher-ups within the firm with serving to her rise to her current promotion – Executive VP of Television Production Kevin Dunn, Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, Executive VP of Talent, Live Events and Creative Triple H and RAW head announcer Michael Cole.

“Michael Cole has been there from literally the get-go,” Young stated. “He’s somebody that I’ve leaned on many different times. He’s a great mentor, a great friend. Triple H is so open to new ideas and just seeing what people can bring to the table. He’s so great at helping people with the skill that they have and letting that flourish. The same with Stephanie McMahon. She’s been so great for all of the women in WWE to set them up for success. Kevin Dunn as well. He always makes time for me no matter what’s going on.”

Source: Toronto Sun

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