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Preview Of The Nigeria We Will Know In 2030!!! By Kay Toye

Preview Of The Nigeria We Will Know In 2030!!! By Kay Toye

You would possibly name me a Prophet of doom, I truly do not care. I  must ship my message, since we really feel management is an idea we will have to deal with with levity. I’ve just observed into 2030 and what I noticed used to be scary and terrifying.

I noticed looters playing proceeds in their looting, and their kids controlling industries that weren’t even in Nigeria. I noticed them hanging – People in positions of energy, to rule within the stead in their grasp.

I noticed them feeding Nigerians with crumbs from the masters desk.

I noticed them the usage of cash supposed to fund tutorial establishments to finance their youngsters’s schooling out of the country. I noticed darkness within the position of sunshine. I noticed energy output being not up to the 5,000MW that we combat to maintain at this time. I noticed delusioned youths, graduates with levels as prime as PhDs roaming the streets with not anything to provide.

I noticed fathers staring at helplessly as they might now not feed their households. I noticed greater than 150 million Nigerians residing beneath N200 in line with day. I noticed over Five million graduates fighting for a unmarried house of emptiness. I noticed 37 million almajiris scattered alongside Nigeria’s streets.

I noticed fats governors arguing why they are able to’t pay 67, 000 naira minimal salary. I noticed scientific scholars promoting carcasses of sufferers for cash. 

I noticed 42 million youths who’re web fraudsters. I noticed electorate elevating prostitutes instead of daughters, thugs instead of sons. 

I noticed – People in the hunt for emancipation for useful resource keep an eye on whilst the government waged struggle to subdue them. I noticed them speaking about diversification with completely no movements, as they’ve at all times completed. I noticed pastors purchasing extra non-public jets and the scary truth of imams following swimsuit.

I noticed senators proposing 60 million naira bulletproof vehicles with 6 police officials hooked up to a senator.  

I noticed 75 million Nigerians suffering for Visas to depart Nigeria for Canada, USA and European international locations. 

I noticed Benin republic issuing visas to Nigerians before coming into their nation. I noticed Nigerians been mocked in Africa. I noticed Western international locations sending Nigerians again home with paid tickets.

I noticed Rwanda and Ghana sending ‘expatriates’ to Nigeria. I noticed Niger supplying crude oil to North East. 

I noticed lack of confidence at is height, I noticed armed forces teams emerging from areas to areas.

The above refers to a preview of the Nigeria we can know in 2030 if we do not clear up our management issues at the moment.

If we permit this similar crop of leaders to guide us, then we may as neatly get used to the truth of Nigeria we can come to grasp.

Nigeria will formally be known as a failed state…a damning fall for a state once referred to as the Giant of Africa.


Kay Toye
[email protected]

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