PlayStation State of Play: Iron Man and No Man’s Sky are coming to VR

Sony announced last week it would be taking a page from Nintendo and Microsoft by launching its own reveal event. Monday, the company held its first State of Play event and says it will be holding more of these events throughout 2019 to talk about the latest game releases for PlayStation as well as what’s coming to PlayStation VR

Though it’s Sony’s first such live show, it’s only fitting the company would take this route as Nintendo has its Nintendo Direct and Microsoft broadcasts updates during its Inside Xbox shows.   

PlayStation VR was a big focus of the event

The State of Play event kicked off with Iron Man VR, which will let Marvel fans play as Tony Stark as they blow away baddies in first person. No Man’s Sky is also getting a VR component as part of the free No Man’s Sky: Beyond update coming later this summer. We got also some new game footage of Ready Set Heroes that is coming sometime in 2019 and long-awaited British crime title Blood and Truth got a firm release date of May 28.

Sony also ran through several other VR titles that are coming this year:

  • Minimech
  • Jupiter and Mars
  • Trover saves the universe
  • Everybody’s golf VR
  • Table of Tales
  • Vacation Simulator 

A deeper dive was given to several VR games including Observation, a sci-fi thriller that has you controlling a huge space station as you uncover the terrifying story of the remaining survivors. Longtime streamer favorite Five Nights at Freddy’s was showcased with scary in-game VR footage and Concrete Genie followed a young artist who has the ability to draw creatures that will help protect him and restore life to a dying city.

New details on upcoming PlayStation 4 games

PlayStation VR was the clear focus of the event, but Sony also gave us a few more titles coming to consoles along with updates to games we already knew about.

Days Gone got a firm release date of April 26, 2019 and Sony showed some new footage of the upcoming title with its first story trailer.

Mortal Kombat 11 also got some screen time, showing off Kung Lau, Liu Kang and Jax, adding to the long list of fighters we’re expecting to see with all the blood and gore the franchise is known for.

 Originally published March 25 at 10:51 p.m. PT.

Update, at 3:13 p.m. PT: Added new VR and PlayStation titles announced at the event. 

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