Nina and Miracle throw shade at one another after Tobi/Alex sexual encounter was revealed

Everybody talking abt one stupid bro code. The problem here is Tobi, and it has to do with maturity. The main reason why Tobi told Miracle was the same reason Miracle told Nina(friendship). Now I think Miracle even has a better reason to tell Nina considering the girl is out of the house and likely to face the public about what they did in the house. To calm her down, Miracle may have said to her: We are not the only ones, shebi Tobi and Alex too had s3x.
For me, u guys should hold Alex responsible for living in Denial. Who is talking about Bamteddy? Who is talking about Mins? These info is already in public space and no longer news. For Alex, almost all the time she has been asked about Tobi, she had said they were not/never dated. If she has aknowleged for once that they dated, trust me, all these bullshit won’t be news-worthy.
I think Miracle may have told Nina about it to calm her down about their own situation- at least they are not alone in the s3x. And why wouldn’t Nina spill it? Who wants to be the only bad girl, when others who are worse off are claiming holiness. We always need to divert the attention , or is there anyone that wants to go to he’ll alone. The aim is achieved, no one is talking about Mina for now, fresh and hot news is Tolex

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