New Jersey center college trainer skips 9/11 lesson for fictional story of discrimination against Muslims


Here but again we see it. When Muslims murder infidels, Muslims are victims. When racist, bigoted “Islamophobes” supposedly target Muslims, Muslims are victims. And when Muslims faux “Islamophobic hate crimes,” Muslims are victims. Always and in each scenario, Muslims are victims, to be appeased and accommodated in each attainable method. Once you perceive, we are able to all lock arms and march collectively into our wonderful multicultural, numerous future.

VERNON — On a day of mourning for the 3,000 folks killed on Sept, 11, 2001, by Islamic terrorists impressed by Osama bin Laden, a center college social research trainer allegedly determined to skip that a part of the dialogue Tuesday and as a substitute educate a fictionalized account of a Muslim boy being picked on as a result of his title is Osama.

School officials to this point have been largely mum on the matter past acknowledging that it was delivered to their consideration and handled internally, however one couple advised the New Jersey Herald Wednesday that they’re outraged and have since had their daughter pulled out of that trainer’s class.

Ed O’Rourke, a former Marine, mentioned he and his wife, Jodi, discovered about it nearly accidentally whereas having dinner with their daughter, who’s in sixth grade, Tuesday night.

“I thought it was a joke at first,” Ed O’Rourke mentioned. “I couldn’t believe it.”

The story that the trainer had her college students learn, titled “My Name is Osama,” tells a made-up account of an Iraqi immigrant boy named Osama who faces taunts of “terrorist” at school by a number of college students who inform him his mom, who wears a hijab, has “a bag on her head.” After pushing again against his tormenters, the boy is suspended from college for fighting.

The story included no point out of the ideology behind those that carried out the 9/11 assaults, which O’Rourke mentioned ought to have been part of the class dialogue as properly.

“It would be like, on a day about the Holocaust, doing a made-up lesson about a boy named Adolf being bullied by Jewish kids and saying we shouldn’t blame all Germans — or don’t pick on the poor kid named Adolf on the Jewish holidays,” O’Rourke mentioned. “It’s grotesque.”

O’Rourke mentioned he conveyed his issues late Tuesday to Glen Meadow Middle School Principal Edwina Piszczek, who forwarded the message to Acting Superintendent Charles McKay.

After being invited to fulfill with them Wednesday morning, O’Rourke mentioned he got here away with a way that they a minimum of understood his issues, although he acquired little in the best way of specifics about how they deliberate to handle it.

“They couldn’t have been better as far as letting me vent, and agreed that the timing couldn’t have been more horrific,” O’Rourke mentioned. “They said they were unaware the teacher was planning to do this and that it fell through the cracks, though when I asked if they were planning any disciplinary action against the teacher, they said they weren’t sure at this point.”…

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