NASA asteroid WARNING: 500-metre meteorite barrelling in the direction of Earth THIS AFTERNOON –

US house company NASA has recognized the asteroid, nicknamed 1999 VF22, as probably harmful. It is because asteroid will make an Earth Shut Method this afternoon. And NASA asteroid trackers have pinpointed the precise second the colossal house rock will skim the Earth immediately. Stargazers can not, nevertheless, count on to identify 1999 VF22 with an unusual telescope.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) astrophysicists anticipate asteroid VF22 to make its closest strategy to our planet at 3.57pm GMT (10.57am ET).

Immediately, no identified asteroid deserves any fear, however many stay undiscovered

European Area Company

And the asteroid will achieve this at breakneck speeds of round 60,000mph.

That is the equal of 26.48km per second or roughly 80-times the velocity of sound.

NASA JPL scientists have additionally been capable of estimate VF22’s measurement as someplace between 656.ft to 1,500ft (200m to 450m) throughout.

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NASA asteroid warning VF22

Asteroid 1999 VF22: An enormous house rock will make an Earth shut strategy this afternoon (Picture: Getty)

Earth Moon asteroid crater

Asteroid 1999 VF22: The 500m asteroid is is hurtling in the direction of Earth at 60,000mph (Picture: Getty)

This makes this asteroid roughly 5 instances the dimensions of London’s iconic Large Ben constructing, often known as the Elizabeth Tower.

Asteroids of this measurement have really repeatedly slammed into our planet prior to now.

Such asteroid impacts occur roughly each 1,000 years to 500,000 years.

European Area Company (ESA) estimates conclude these asteroids characterize one of many deadliest threats to humanity.

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An ESA spokesperson stated: “The principle problem stems from the inhabitants of middle-size objects, starting from tens to lots of of metres in diameter.

“There are quite a lot of these asteroids, and most haven’t been noticed but. Any influence from certainly one of these may actually do harm to a metropolis or a populated space.

“But when they’re found early sufficient, their level of influence may very well be estimated with a very good diploma of accuracy, and measures may very well be taken to guard folks.

“Immediately, no identified object deserves any fear, however many stay undiscovered, so we have to hold looking.”

NEOs may seem like a misnomer as a result of unimaginable distances concerned, nevertheless this can be a near-miss on the cosmic scale.

NASA defined: “Close to-Earth objects are asteroids or comets of sizes starting from metres to tens of kilometres that orbit the Solar and whose orbits come near that of Earth’s.

“Of the greater than 600,000 identified asteroids in our Photo voltaic System, greater than 16,000 are NEOs.

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Chelyabinsk asteroid

Chelyabinsk: The remnants of a giant asteroid landed at Chelyabinsk in 2013 (Picture: Getty)

Tomorrow afternoon, Asteroid VF22 will strategy our nook of house from a distance of roughly 0.04917 astronomical items (au).

One astronomical unit measures round 93 million miles (149.6 million km), the common distance between our planet and the Moon.

Asteroid VF22 will reduce this down throughout its flyby down to only 4.57 million miles (7.35 million km).

And this isn’t the final time we hear from VF22. NASA scientists have calculated the asteroid will sim the Earth once more in 2020.

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