MLW Fusion Recap (1/4): Teddy Hart Faces Pentagon Jr, El Gringo Loco Battles LA Park

Present opens with a recap of final week’s Fusion, and the brutal showdown between Low Ki and Konnan for the MLW Heavyweight championship. The match could be stopped by the referee after Promociones Dorado all attacked Konnan, bloodying him up. Low Ki even stabbed him with a pointy spike. Tom Lawlor would run out to make the save, sending Promociones Dorado to the again.

Fusion Intro.

Tony Schiavone tells us that Konnan is recovering from his accidents, and can converse with Wealthy Boccini in a while within the night. Additionally later tonight, Kotto Brazil interview with Kaci Lennox concerning the assault he suffered at a Miami nightclub.

On the cardboard for tonight, Teddy Hart takes on Pentagon Jr. for the primary time ever in the principle occasion!

El Gringo Loco is on his solution to the ring for the night’s first bout. His opponent…LA Park. He is accompanied to the ring by Salina de la Renta. In a side-promo…Salina says that her New 12 months’s decision…is a 12 months of violence from Promociones Dorado.

El Gringo Loco versus LA Park

Gringo and Park shake arms and play to the group. Park with a sucker punch! He tosses Gringo to the surface and takes him into the group for a brawl. Park grabs an indication from a fan and smashes it over Gringo. Again within the ring…Park unloads fists onto Gringo, then runs by him with a vicious shoulder block. Park removes his belt and makes use of it to whip Gringo throughout the again. He whips him once more. Gringo rolls to the surface…Park stays on his tail and throws him into the barricade. Park units up two enviornment chairs…HE POWERBOMBS GRINGO RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM. Park grabs some empty beer cans from a fan and makes use of them as a weapon to assault Gringo.

Gringo lastly mounts some offense, hitting a springboard middle-rope cutter which almost wins him the match! Gringo begins tearing away at Park’s masks, however Park escapes to the surface. Tope con hilo from Gringo! As Park tries to get again into the ring Gringo nails him with a baseball slide. The brawl makes its manner over to the doorway path. GRINGO CLIMBS THE METAL ENTRANCE STRUCTURE…FLYING CROSSBODY! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Crowd goes nuts.

Gringo slows issues down with some chops to Park’s chest. He rolls Park again into the ring and climbs to the highest, however misses his diving assault. Park rolls on high of Gringo for the duvet…Gringo kicks out. Slaps and proper arms from Park. He kilos away at Gringo within the nook. The ref tries to interrupt it up however Gringo knocks Park into him. Gringo climbs…frog splash however he hits the ref! Gringo cannot imagine it! Park with a spear out of nowhere! Ref recovers…that’ll do it.

LA Park wins by pinfall

Backstage Kaci Lennox is with Kotto Brazil, who’s sporting an eye-patch. Kotto says that he was within the membership doing his factor when Ricky Martinez got here up and smashed a champagne bottle over his eye. Kotto addresses Martinez, saying the subsequent time he sees him, he is coming to whoop that ass. He might solely have one eye…however that eye…is on Ricky Martinez.

Promo for MLW Superfight, and the showdown between Low Ki and Tom Lawlor for the MLW Heavyweight championship.

Schiavone says that Promociones Dorado has been fined for the damaging assault on Konnan.

Wealthy Boccini is on the telephone with Konnan. He asks how Konnan is. Konnan says he has a concussion and a punctured lung. He says he does not need any pity as a result of he knew what he was moving into, however that it will not cease from coming after Salina and firm.

Backstage Low Ki cuts a promo. He says that Tom Lawlor might have survived Simon Gotch, and Sami Callihan, however that he’s the conqueror. He guarantees to tear Lawlor’s coronary heart out in entrance of his personal kids.

Freddy Yehi (from Staff Filthy) challenges Low Ki to a matchup subsequent week. He says he simply needs to combat.

Flashback to final week when Ace Romero answered Simon Gotch’s open problem for $20,000. Ace would emerge victorious, and throw the cash to the group.

Kaci Lennox interviews Ace Romero, asking him what he’ll spend the $20,000 on. Ace says that he’ll most likely spend it on meals, however hat he is in MLW for the key prize, the heavyweight championship.

Principal occasion is subsequent!

One other promo for Superfight.

Tommy Dreamer versus Brian Pillman Jr. in a Singapore Cane match is introduced for subsequent week.

Dreamer cuts a promo holding a singapore cane. He says that this object is as sturdy as a baseball bat, and as sharp as a blade. He tells Pillman that he is obtained the beatings of a Singapore Cane, and that he nonetheless wakes up from nightmares from the beatings he is suffered by the hands of the cane. He ends the section by telling Pillman he has no concept of the ache he is about to expertise.

MLW Middleweight champion Teddy Hart is on his manner out with the remainder of the Hart Basis. Hart offers his jacket to one of many anchors of BeIN sports activities.

Pentagon is out second. He nonetheless carries the MLW tag group title, regardless that Fenix is out with an harm. Schiavone tells us that Pentagon should still be coping with an harm after final week’s sneak assault from Promociones Dorado.

Teddy Hart versus Pentagon Jr.

Hart provides a handshake, however Pentagon says Cero Miedo proper into his face. Each males commerce strikes, however Pentagon lands the primary large blow with a superkick sending Hart to the surface. He goes for a baseball slide however Hart dodges and jumps again into the ring. Pentagon goes for an apron suplex however Hart counters it right into a stunner! Rope assisted piledriver from Hart sends Pentagon to ringside. Hart climbs…MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE! (Nobody makes it look higher.) Hart destroys Pentagon with a sequence of proper arms. Pentagon fires again by whipping Hart into the ringpost. He slaps Pillman and superkicks Davey Boy Smith Jr!

Each males on the apron…Hart with a sequence of knees. He goes for a piledriver however Pentagon blocks and lands an enziguri! MEXICAN DESTROYER FROM PENTAGON ONTO THE APRON! Again within the ring…he spikes Hart with a package deal piledriver! Cowl…Hart kicks out! Pentagon climbs to the middle-rope…ANOTHER MEXICAN DESTROYER!! COVER…HART KICKS OUT AGAIN! (Followers are cheering that is superior.) Pentagon destroys Hart’s chest with an open palm strike. Hart counters an Irish-whip…and dropkicks Pentagon into the nook. Hart climbs to the highest…BIG MOONSAULT WITH COVER! Pentagon escapes! (Simply as marketed with these two.)

Hart slams Pentagon within the heart, then lands a springboard moonsault elbow drop! Hart climbs to the highest once more however this time Pentagon cuts him off with an enziguri! Hart tries a handstand on the opposite facet however Pentagon lands a superkick! Pentagon driver! Hart kicks out once more! (WHAT?!) Pillman taunts Pentagon from the surface…Pentagon baseball slides him proper into the announcers desk! Hart lands a high rope assault on Pentagon, adopted by a high rope Canadian destroyer! One other springboard moonsault…however Pentagon escapes the pinfall try.

After a sequence of counters, Pentagon tries to interrupt Hart’s arm! Hart escapes and lands a lungblower. Hart picks Pentagon up and spikes him with a modified DDT. Hart then lands a powerbomb lungblower. Cowl…received em.

Teddy Hart wins by pinfall

Freddy Yehi versus Low Ki has been confirmed for subsequent week’s Fusion. Additionally subsequent week will probably be Dragon Lee taking up Wealthy Swann, and Tommy Dreamer towards Brian Pillman Jr in a Singapore Cane match.

That is the present mates.

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