Media Matters hires “journalist” who falsely accused ICE agent of having Nazi tattoo to research “far-right”


The far-Left Media Matters purports to report on media bias, but it’s just yet another in a long line of hard-Left propaganda sites. Recently it tried to get Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) in hot water because I endorsed his book back in 2015 — foes of jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women, gays, etc. are always on the Left’s list for defamation. In any case, Media Matters has now shown what it is all about by hiring a discredited Leftist “journalist” who smeared a disabled veteran by falsely claiming he had a Nazi tattoo to research “far-right extremism.” This reminds me of the time some years ago when counterjihadist-turned-projihad-stooge Charles Johnson identified the Tennessee state flag as some kind of neo-Nazi, white supremacist banner. Maybe Media Matters will hire him next.

“Can’t make it up: Fact-checker who misidentified ICE agent’s ‘Nazi’ tattoo hired by Media Matters to research alt-right,” Twitchy, July 21, 2018:

Remember last month when blue-check celebrities like actor Ron Perlman smeared as a Nazi a veteran of the Marine Corps and double amputee who now works for ICE as a computer forensics analyst? Why? Because of the Iron Cross tattoo on his arm.

After Perlman and others spread the false claim far and wide, ICE issued a tweet clarifying that the tattoo is a symbol of his platoon in Afghanistan.

Among those giving steam to the idea that ICE had hired a Nazi was former New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin, who this week tweeted that she’s found a new gig with Media Matters for America researching right-wing extremist groups. Great hire, guys.


Jon Levine writes at The Wrap

Media Matters for America has hired Talia Lavin, a former fact checker for The New Yorker, less than a month after she left the magazine over a tweet falsely accusing a disabled ICE employee of having a Nazi tattoo.

The liberal media watchdog group will employ Lavin as a researcher on far-right extremism, she said Friday in a tweet….

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