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Man goes skinning dipping in shark tank, and he’s lucky his ween didn’t get bit off

Man goes skinning dipping in shark tank, and he's lucky his ween didn't get bit off

Some would name this stunt … Adult Swim. 

A man determined to leap into the expansive 2.nine million liter tank at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, in the nude. The huge tank is the biggest showcase on the Canadian aquarium, and permits guests to view surprising close-up perspectives of sea turtles, sharks, and maximum just lately, a human genitalia. 

To the marvel and horror of aquarium visitors, the underwater tank allowed a complete frontal view of the man’s junk. As he lazily backstroked some of the marine lifestyles, a man in the background yelled, “Guy’s really naked!” 

Warning: The video related beneath accommodates a complete view of this man’s penis. Watch at your personal chance.

In any other very, very NSFW video anyone posted from the highest of the tank, the man climbs out of the water to a rowdy crowd of onlookers. To the gang’s satisfaction, he flops into the showcase once more with a poorly accomplished backflip. As the gang cheers, bored to death aquarium safety storms over to admonish him. 

According to CBC, Toronto police have not been in a position to find the man after he left the aquarium on the request of safety. He might be charged with trespassing, mischief, and indecent publicity. 

Although not one of the animals had been harmed all the way through the stunt, Toronto police spokesperson Jenifferjit Sidhu referred to as it “extremely dangerous.” 

“It put the man’s safety in jeopardy, the safety of the marine animals and the safety of the staff who tried to get him out of the water,” Sidhu instructed CBC.

The police have introduced an investigation into the thriller aquarium thin dipper. 

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