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Maajid Nawaz’s fairy-tale model of Islam

On Maajid Nawaz’s LBC radio call-in display, he’s without end taking fellow Muslims to activity. He berates them in the event that they consider homosexuals or adulterers must be stoned. He berates them for believing in sharia. He likens Muslims who consider that stoning adulterers and gays is ok as long as the stipulations are met to the BNP (a racist, white nationalist staff within the United Kingdom; it’s now defunct). He doesn’t consider within the sharia punishment for apostasy or blasphemy. These are all elementary sides of Islam. He’s a Muslim who’s following a fairy-tale model of Islam, an Islam that doesn’t exist anyplace else however in his thoughts.

And but whilst he denounces Islam, he additionally lies about its teachings and defends it. There’s a hadith wherein saintly Muhammad had garbage dropped on his door each morning by way of a neighbouring Jew. Then, excellent Samaritan that he’s, Muhammad went to check at the Jew when he woke up one morning to search out no garbage were dumped at his door. He sought after to ensure the Jew wasn’t lifeless or sick. This is the image Maajid Nawaz painted of Muhammad on one among his radio displays. Meanwhile, Nawaz is neglecting to inform listeners that Muhammad was once fond of getting his critics killed and tortured, and really keen on killing Jews, even younger Jewish boys with such a lot as one pubic hair.

So what’s he? Muslim or non-Muslim or alleged reformist Muslim for pay? If Muhammad is the easiest exemplar and function fashion for all mankind, who’s Maajid that he will get to criticize and denounce his prophet’s teachings and instance? You can listen absolutely the frustration and rage in fellow Muslims voices once they call in, obviously bringing up the quran and Muhammad chapter and verse, most effective to then be informed by way of Maajid {that a} factor is old-fashioned or isn’t democratic or isn’t liberal.

So there you will have it from Maajid Nawaz’s personal mouth – Islam, necessarily, is barbaric and medieval. Or is Maajid pronouncing that he’s higher or extra a professional than Muhammad? If Maajid is fascinated with liberalism and democracy, why is he a Muslim? There’s different religions available in the market which are completely non violent at middle and by way of nature. Why be a Muslim? Why apply a faith whilst you don’t consider or apply the lessons of its founder? Why apply one thing that you’re having to dispose an excessive amount of to be able to stay following it? Wouldn’t any sane, rational being give it up sooner or later and realise she or he is onto a loser?

Maajid has publicly mentioned on his radio display that a large number of the notions and attitudes within the quran, in particular in opposition to girls, are old-fashioned and want to be unnoticed, if now not got rid of altogether. He disagrees with chastising and beating one’s wife, is against slavery (even if it continues in Muslim-majority nations as of late), and he additionally disavows the hijab, asking why males aren’t made to put on hijabs or be modest. Nothing about him on his radio display would counsel he’s a Muslim. He even tells a woman that it’s mental abuse to show her daughter that if she isn’t modest and that if she doesn’t put on a hijab that she’ll finally end up within the hell-fire.

Maajid comes throughout, to my thoughts, as an atheist greater than a non secular particular person. I’d like him to condense the quran and put up his personal little pint-sized model of no matter it’s of Muhammad’s teachings are left that he is of the same opinion with.

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