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Jaywon Defends His Comment About Beverly Osu’s Controversial Photoshoot

Jaywon has come out to offer cause why he commented on Beverly Osu photoshoot.

Jaywon, had earlier made this put up on twitter in regards to the photoshoot “ I actually do not see something incorrect with what Beverly Osu did. It’s left for her and God to evaluate however Nigerians all the time like to evaluate folks once faith is concerned.

Leave your life and let others do their factor; the results are for them and never you .”

Now in a current interview, Jaywon has opened up on why he needed to touch upon Beverly's image. He mentioned “ I commented as a result of I really feel no matter anyone does must be their business.

People all the time prefer to play the position of being God's troopers. People ought to be taught to disregard some issues and stop judging others; they need to be bothered about their very own relationship with God.

People just discuss generally as a result of they need to development. I used to get emotional about folks’s feedback, however now it does not weigh me down anymore .”

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