Italy: Migrants turn town into battleground with axes and machetes


Nigerian migrants have been flowing into Italy for years. The Spectator reported in 2015 that 50,000 “boat people” arrived in the space of six months, and that most of them were “Muslims and reports suggest that a small number are Islamic terrorists. The terrorists of ISIS are, we know from their Twitter feeds, obsessed with taking their crusade to Rome.”

Now, in a horrifying scene for locals:

The Italian town of Ferrara has become a migrant battleground as Nigerians armed with axes and machetes fought for three straight days.

Yet Italy has been criticized as “populist” and “anti-immigrant” for its determination to halt the flow of migrants into the country.

It was also reported two years ago that Europe has nearly a thousand “no-go” areas, where authorities have simply lost control due to the high number of migrants. Since then, violence has worsened, given the fact that borders are still open. Not a day passes without reports about the flood of migrants arriving daily from majority-Muslim countries.

“Nigerian Migrants Wage Gang Wars with Axes and Machetes”, Turn Italian Town into Battleground, Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, August 3, 2018:

The Italian town of Ferrara has become a migrant battleground as Nigerians armed with axes and machetes fought for three straight days.

Five migrants were wounded as rival Nigerian gangs turned the north-eastern town into a war zone, with locals saying many were armed with firearms as well, Il Giornale reports.

Conflicts between rival migrant gangs have been brewing for several months, with footage posted on Facebook in June showing a violent mass brawl between Nigerians in broad daylight.

The most recent conflict began on Sunday at the Giardino Arianuova Doro district when a migrant was chased by other migrants thought to be of a rival gang. He was eventually caught by his pursuers who beat him badly and hacked his skull with a machete. The young man was taken to a hospital where he was put into an induced coma.

Only hours after the first incident, another young migrant was attacked with a machete, beaten, and left in a pool of his own blood….

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