Home Latest News Independence decision is for the Catalan – People, Puigdemont tells Euronews

Independence decision is for the Catalan – People, Puigdemont tells Euronews

Independence decision is for the Catalan people, Puigdemont tells Euronews

More than a year after the disputed October one referendum, former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont insists that the decision on whether or not Catalonia positive factors independence or now not falls on the Catalan – People.

In an interview with the Franco-German baby-kisser Daniel Cohn-Bendit on Euronews’ present affairs programme, Uncut, Puigdemont mentioned: “Catalans must be able to say yes or no and agree on how to manage the result.”

When requested if independence used to be the technique to the Catalan disaster, the former chief mentioned “of course not” however that for the closing 40 years they’ve been attempting the entirety to realize extra autonomy but haven’t succeeded.

Puigdemont, who remains in exile in Belgium, added that if the Spanish executive at the time had authorized the 2005/2006 referendum on Catalan autonomy then the entirety can be very other nowadays.

The former chief insisted that the simplest method to know whether or not a majority of the Catalan – People sought after independence from Spain used to be to have a referendum.

And what if the Spanish executive refuses to carry a referendum, how lengthy will this tale drag on?

According to Puigdemont, there is nonetheless a majority of Catalans that strengthen independence.

“A year after the referendum, the people are there. It is still true that there are still more than two million people who still support Catalonia’s independence.”

“In the end, if we are successful in summoning a referendum, we will have to agree on how to manage the results,” he added.

Puigdemont stressed out that with the intention to transfer issues ahead, the Spanish executive should forestall treating Catalan pro-independence politicians like “criminals”.

And that if an answer is to be discovered, the ball is in the Spanish executive’s court docket:

“The conditions for having a real negotiation and a real dialogue must be for both on an equal footing”

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