Impact Wrestling Results (1/11): Scott Steiner Returns, Johnny Impact Vs. Killer Kross, Rich Swann

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We’ve received an thrilling premiere episode forward of us, with Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross in a non-title, no DQ match, Tessa Blanchard competing in singles action, and Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan in a rematch from Impact Wrestling Homecoming.

The night time begins with Johnny Impact popping out to the ring and saying how the Impact World Heavyweight Championship is necessary, however nothing is extra necessary than his wife. Impact says Taya Valkyrie has been within the hospital after Killer Kross attacked her at Homecoming. Impact asks Kross what his problem and says all he can take into consideration is getting his arms on Kross.

Brian Cage comes out and interrupts Impact. Cage tells Impact the Kross should not be on his thoughts, Cage must be on his thoughts as a result of he would have beat him at Homecoming if it wasn’t for his Survivor buddies. Cage calls for a rematch for the title however Impact refuses, saying that it isn’t in regards to the title proper now. Cage says he does not care about Valkyrie as a result of Impact by no means cared about Cage’s sacrifices. Impact is able to settle for Cage’s problem however Killer Kross enters.

Kross enters and tells the viewers that Impact is an impostor. Kross tells Impact that Cage had him pinned for a depend of 10, however Impact nonetheless comes out and claims he is champion. Kross tells Impact he likes the brand new change in angle and as quickly as Taya is out of the hospital, he plans to place her again within the hospital. Impact goes berserk and tremendous kicks Cage within the ring, does a suicide dive excessive rope and takes out Kross. Kross scurries in to the ring and as Impact goes after him, Cage nails Impact with a discus clothesline. Kross low-cost photographs Cage however Cage is unfazed and will get up in his face. Kross slowly climbs out of the ring as Cage poses with the title.

Backstage, Impact is being check on by the coach when, immediately, Cage bursts in and throws the producers round as he screams that he desires a rematch. Impact tells him that he’ll get his rematch however Impact has to give attention to taking out Kross tonight. He offers Cage his phrase that the subsequent Impact World Title match is his. Cage tells Impact that he higher not screw him.

The Lucha Bros. (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) vs. The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier)

Xavier and Penta begin up the match, exchanging some phrases within the ring before Penta offers Xavier a pair stiff kicks to his stomach. Xavier instantly rolls out of the ring to get well. Penta comes off the rope for an try at a dive to the skin, however Wentz catches him and hits a stunner on the apron. Penta stumbles again contained in the ring and Wentz goes for a codebreaker, Penta catches him and goes for a clothesline however Wentz comes off the ropes with a good looking corkcrew splash. Fenix will get tagged in and bests Wentz, utilizing his toes to pressure Wentz face-first in to the 2nd turnbuckle. Fenix hits a variation of a 619 after which comes off the highest rope with a hovering headbutt on Wentz.

Xavier comes again in, jumps over Fenix and taunts slightly bit. Fenix off the ropes and Dez leapfrogs over him before hitting a dropkick/backflip that sends Fenix out. Penta is available in and kicks Xavier’s again and stomach. Penta taunts and makes an attempt an irish whip, Xavier reverses, and hits a kick to the again of Penta’s head. Penta falls to the underside turnbuckle and Wentz with a bronco buster. Fenix comes operating in and connects with double cutter to take out Wentz and Xavier.

Back from business, Fenix avoids Wentz however Wentz retaliates with some sharp kicks. Wents hits Fenix with a operating knee within the nook, follows it up with a giant boot within the nook, after which tags in Dez. The rascalz hit a sequence of kicks on a downed Fenix. They proceed the management as they take out Penta on the apron and switch their consideration to Fenix within the nook. Wentz tags in Dez, hits a operating uppercut, however then Fenix reverses with a pair sharp kicks after which each of the Lucha Bros. go for dives on the skin that take out The Rascalz. The Lucha Bros. catch Xavier with a double superkick to the pinnacle and a mix wheelbarrow splash for a 2 depend. Wentz got here flying off the ropes for an in depth 2 depend.

Everyone is gradual to get again up however the Rascalz set Fenix/Penta up of their respective, reverse corners and go operating after them, hitting a number of strikes a operating dropkicks. This finally insights a sequence of reversals, with Penta superkicking Wentz, wentz coming off the rope with a leaping knee to Penta’s face, Fenix jumps off the 2nd rope with a spinning again kick to Wentz, and Xavier with a double again handspring kick to Fenix. Insane! Penta kicks the legs out from under Xavier. Penta calls for the Fear Factor however Wentz sundown flips over Penta, hits a ripcord knee, and so they set Penta up for his or her shoving moonsault finisher however Fenix interrupts them. Penta with a schoolboy rollup for an in depth 2 depend on Xavier. Lucha Bros hit double superkicks on each members of The Rascalz. Fenix and Penta work collectively to attach with a concern issue piledriver/superkick/cutter transfer that was…just, wow. 1-2-3!

Winners: The Lucha Bros.

Backstage, Kross asks Impact if he even is aware of the right way to harm him, as a result of inflicting ache and hurting somebody are various things. Kross says he’ll liberate him from the pores and skin he is trapped in. Kross tells Impact that it is over, saying, “Tick, Tock!” as he walks off.

Josh Matthews welcomes out the brand new X Division Champion, Rich Swann! Swann comes dancing to the ring and will get the gang overrated. Swann mentioned that Homecoming was one of many largest moments of his profession. He mentioned that he had a imaginative and prescient in regards to the x division, and goes on to call a number of the biggest X Division Champs that impressed him. Swann says that he desires to be known as the no restrict soldier of the X Division as a result of he is prepared for all comers. Sami Callihan comes out, interrupts Swann, and banters on the announcers/the viewers. Callihan says that he and Rich have a really lengthy historical past between one another however the viewers does not deserve to listen to about it. Callihan tells Swann that household is the whole lot and he provides Swann an oVe T-shirt. Willie Mack rushes to the ring and spears Callihan. Swann breaks issues up, Callihan shoves him out of the way in which, and Mack hits one other spear that cuts by means of Callihan.

Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack

The match begins with each males charging after each other and exchanging varied forearms/strikes at one another’s faces. Callihan will get a headlock takeover however Mack turns it in to a leg scissors after which each males do an analogous sequence, however reverse which strikes they carry out. Mack escapes from the headscissor and each males collide with boots to 1 one other. Mack and Callihan stand up slowly and start buying and selling extra punches, chops, and Mack even slaps Callihan within the face. Callihan thumbs Mack’s eyes, Mack returns with a boot to Callihan’s arm and a discus forearm. Mack comes off the ropes and appears to be going for a baseball slide on Callihan however Callihan catches him within the apron of the ring. Callihan goes on the offense and swings at Mack as he is trapped. Mack regains momentum and delivers a urunage on the apron Callihan.

Callihan grabs the ref and uses him as a defend before he tosses Mack knee-first over the metal steps. Callihan has gained the advantage now and climbs again in to the ring, hoping for a depend out victory. Mack makes it again in so Callihan tosses him proper again out. Callihan drags Mack up the stage ramp and goes for a piledriver however Mack wiggles out and delivers some strikes/uppercuts. Mack goes for an additional urunage on the stage however Callihan thumbs at his eyes. Callihan struggles however finally connects with the piledriver on the stage, bouncing Mack’s head off the stage, and he rushes again to the ring. The ref practically counts to 10 however Mack someway slides again within the ring on the final millisecond.

Callihan rushes Mack within the nook however Mack offers him a mouth full of boot twice. Callihan and Mack commerce some blows and Mack appears to come back out on high. Reverse Irish whips sends Mack by means of Callihan with a flying forearm and a corkscrew press that brings Callihan to the nook. Mack comes operating from the alternative turnbuckles and kicks Callihan sq. within the jaw, inflicting him to crumble to the underside turnbuckle. Mack comes operating full velocity however Callihan will get again up and forearms Mack to stop the momentum. Mack nonetheless places Callihan up in a Samoan drop, he nips up, and hits a standing moonsault for an excellent shut 2 depend.

Mack units Callihan up for a piledriver however Callihan escapes and bites the hand of Mack. Callihan with a Lariat To Remember for an additional 2 depend. Callihan taunts and requires his finisher however Mack catches him in a pop-up sit-out powerbomb for an additional shut 2. Mack goes to the highest rope however Callihan catches him, powerbombs him down, and knees Mack proper within the mouth for an additional 2! Callihan stomps on the mat and calls for the end however Mack catches him with a strike and hits a operating cannonball splash within the nook. Callihan goes for a piledriver however Mack reverses and so they change a sequence of pinfall makes an attempt. Mack goes for the stunner, will get reversed in to a backslide, Callihan goes for the piledriver however Mack sits on his shoulders and is ready to handle the 1-2-3!

Winner: Willie Mack

After the match, Callihan seems irate contained in the ring.

Backstage, Konnan and LAX are discussing Homecoming. Santana and LAX get Konnan to confess that he was mistaken, acknowledging that they stored issues collectively and placed on an unimaginable match at Impact Homecoming. They drink espresso in celebration.

Back from business, Callihan is backstage, yelling irately on the Crist brothers. LAX is strolling previous them and there is a confrontation that appears to recommend that they’re going to meet again someplace down the road.

Scarlett Bordeaux comes out and tells everybody that every one good issues should come to an finish, so subsequent week, she’ll announce the winner of her expertise search. Bordeaux says that she’s gonna present Tennessee the entire smoke present. Bordeaux begins stripping just as The Desi Hit Squad comes out. Gama Singh calls for that Bordeaux wait till they win the expertise search subsequent week after which, she can provide them a non-public strip present. Scott Steiner comes out! Steiner says that he got here out for the premiere of Impact on Pursuit and he likes when freaks get their freak on. Gama Singh appears to have a coronary heart assault or one thing of the kind and the DHS strive attacking Steiner. Steiner takes all people out and Bordeaux offers Steiner a lap dance within the ring.

Back from business and after Homecoming, Gail Kim says that the appropriate girls left as champion, and if Blanchard put her arms on Kim, then she received what she deserved.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Cali Collins

Blanchard instantly assaults Collins and golf equipment at her again. She irish whips Collins within the nook and delivers some stiff forearms to her chest. Blanchard with one other irish whip however Collins will get a kick in to Blanchard’s stomach. The momentum is brief lived and Blanchard instantly regains the advantage, speeding Collins on the ropes and clubby blowing her again repeatedly till Collins collapsed. Blanchard rubs Collins’ face on the highest rope as she lotions and follows it up with a operating dropkick to the again of Collins. Blanchard hits a vertical suplex and steps on Collins to cowl her for a 2 depend. Blanchard units up Collins for the Buzzsaw DDT however adjustments her thoughts, and as a substitute performs Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat finisher for the 1-2-3.

Winner Tessa Blanchard

Backstage, Eddie Edwards says how excited he’s that he ended issues with Moose at Homecoming. He remembers how Moose took him to the sting however now he and Kenny the Kendo stick can transfer on. Eli Drake walks over and says that, regardless that all of us are going by means of change, and after Dreamer and Abyss had been the hardcore guys, is Edwards certain he desires to select up that flag and proceed the hardcore legacy?

Backstage, Su Yung is main Allie to the bloody coffin. Allie is audibly recapping what occurred with Rosemary before she disappeared and returned this previous Sunday. On the coffin, the phrases, “4 One More Chance..Rejoin The Shadow..” seem.

Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross In A Non_Tile, No DQ Match

The match begins with each males just throwing exhausting rights and forearms at each other. Kross will get a judo toss on Impact however Impact regains the advantage, mounts Kross with punches, and begins choking Kross together with his boot as he is under the ropes. Kross ties his foot in a hell hook and Impact retreats. They commerce extra punches before Kross grabs Impact and tosses him over his head. Kross backs Impact in to the nook and hits a number of strikes to his stomach. Impact tries to climb up the ropes however Kross swats him right down to the ground. Kross goes to fulfill him on the skin however Impact kicks him within the face to again him away. Kross stumbles on the metal barricade and Impact rams his head against it.

Impact connects with a operating knee that bounces the again of Kross’s head off the metal barricade. Impact grabs a desk out from under the ring and begins setting it up. Impact grabs a chair and Kross instantly punches it proper again in to his face. Kross ties Johnny’s neck up within the chair and rams the chair/his body off the ring submit. Kross units him up on the metal barricade after which comes operating, swatting his again with the metal chair. Kross grabs the metal steps and drags them till they’re subsequent to Impact. He hits Impact with a number of forearms, locations his head against the metal steps, and goes for a conchairto with the 2, however Impact strikes, and uses the metal chair to gain the advantage. Impact locations a number of of the fan’s chairs on high of Kross, burying him, after which he climbed on high of the metal steps, put a metal chair against his stomach, and carried out a moonsault. Looked like Impact’s face might have hit the steps on the way in which down.

Kross will get up shortly and the 2 have a stare down. Kross and Impact start tossing chairs in to the ring collectively as Kross’s facial expressions hold altering. They climb again in to the ring, every seize a chair, after which swat each other’s away. Impact gains the advantage with forearms and kicks, inflicting Kross to fall right down to his knees. Impact units up a chair and performs a pair DDTs, tosses a chair at Kross’s face, after which buries him under some extra chairs. Impact climbs to the highest rope with a metal chair of his personal and appears to complete the match, nonetheless, Moose runs out and pushes Impact off the highest rope and down by means of the desk Impact had beforehand arrange. Moose tosses him again in to the ring and Kross ties Impact up within the Kross Jacket Choke till Impact fades away.

Winner By KO: Killer Kross

Moose and Kross pose and rejoice collectively contained in the ring.

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