“If Success and her family have made over N5Million I deserve at least N1Million”

She deserves nothing, she sound so bitter, the video was not made to solicit fund for success education, it was the people that saw it that choose to take it up by themselves because of one thing “SUCCESS SAID SHE PREFERRED TO BE FLOGGED THAN TO BE SENT HOME, SHE INDICATED THAT NO AMOUNT OF FLOGGING WILL HAVE DETERRED HER FROM SITTING AND GETTING HER STUDIES” How many children will do that, not for offence they commit but for their parents failure to assuming responsibility, SI MUCH DECAY IN OUR SOCIETY THAT THE FOOLISH STEPHANIE WAS MAKING DEMAND INSTEAD OF SHOWING GREAT SUPPORT FOR SUCCESS BY CLAMOURING THAT THE WHOLE MONEY RECEIVED MUST BE SOLELY USED FOR THE GIRL, if success parents give her 1m, they the parents will then take how much for themselves and her siblings, TELL ME HOW THE OURPOSE OF THOSE DONORS WHOSE SOLELY MOTIVE IS FOR SUCCESS TO GET BEST EDUCATION IN THE WORLD WILL BE ACHIEVED, I AM VERY ASHAMED OF HER, SO MUCH DECAY IN MORALS, THIS IS RETROGRESSION PERSONIFIED AS FAR AS MORAL IS CONCERNED

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