Home Tech Google CEO finally confirms secret censored Chinese search engine, is very happy...

Google CEO finally confirms secret censored Chinese search engine, is very happy with it

Google CEO finally confirms secret censored Chinese search engine, is very happy with it

Google is doubling-down on its Chinese censorship-friendly search engine.

Image: li xin/AFP/Getty Images

Google is finally going at the document with its once-secret Project Dragonfly, a censorship-friendly search engine for the – People of China.

Speaking on the Wired 25 Summit, Google CEO Sundar Pichai now not best showed the lifestyles of the undertaking but in addition boasted about how neatly trying out of the search engine used to be going.

“It turns out we’ll be able to serve well over 99 percent of the queries,” Pichai mentioned of search ends up in the trying out, pushing again at the controversy surrounding a product that will have to adhere to the Chinese-government’s strict censorship rules. The Google CEO went on to present an instance of the way recommended the carrier will likely be for the Chinese – People, stating that present Chinese search merchandise can go back “fake” information for a question like “cancer treatments.”

“There are many, many areas where we would provide information better than what’s available,” defined Pichai.

Pichai made it very transparent that Google is going forward with Project Dragonfly, pronouncing the corporate is “compelled by our mission to provide information to everyone” and commenting on how China makes up kind of 20% of the arena’s inhabitants.

It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot room for worker pushback on Project Dragonfly both. When talking on problems like Google’s selection to not renew its contract with the Department of Defense for its synthetic intelligence – Work known as Project Maven, Pichai made it a concern to downplay the position of worker protest within the choice. “Throughout Google’s history, we’ve given our employees a lot of voice and say, but we don’t we don’t run the company by holding referendums,” declared Google’s CEO.

Google in the past introduced censored model of its search engine in China in 2006 before deciding that the censorship required to run the product used to be antithetical to the corporate’s values. Google pulled the carrier in 2010. Clearly, 8 years later, the U.S.-based search large feels very in a different way. 

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