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“From the river to the sea” just implies that “Palestinians” desire a “secular democratic state”

“That’s how the call for a free Palestine ‘from the river to the sea’ gained traction in the 1960s. It was part of a larger call to see a secular democratic state established in all of historic Palestine. Palestinians hoped their state would be free from oppression of all sorts, from Israeli as well as from Arab regimes.”

Remember, she is speaking concerning the individuals who elected Hamas in Gaza. Hamas is devoted to removing Israel within the identify of Islam. The Palestinian Authority that regulations Judea and Samaria is likewise given to annihilationist Islamic rhetoric referring to Israel, in particular from its Fatah arm. If the “Palestinians” desire a “secular democratic state,” why haven’t they established one in both Judea and Samaria or Gaza?

“And notwithstanding the extreme rhetoric of some leaders on both sides, a recent joint poll shows that only a small minority of Palestinians see “expulsion” as a way to the struggle – 15%…”

Maybe, however the ones “Palestinian” other people aren’t in fee. And Mahmoud Abbas has stated that no Jews can be allowed to are living in a “Palestinian” state, as has Sheikh Hammam Saeed, chief of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. Fatah has additionally referred to as upon Jews to depart the world.

The Forward will have to be ashamed for publishing this ugly try to whitewash a obviously genocidal call. Maha Nassar is an Associate Professor within the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies on the University of Arizona; the Forward follows this piece with the announcement that “the views and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Forward.”

Well, all proper, however realize that you simply seldom see op-eds within the Forward through those that don’t replicate its editorial stance.

“‘From The River To The Sea’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means,” through Maha Nassar, Forward, December 3, 2018:

Over the weekend, student and social justice activist Marc Lamont Hill apologized for finishing his fresh remarks at United Nations through calling for “a free Palestine from the river to the sea.” His apology got here after 3 days of livid on-line assaults and grievance from many of us who felt deeply harm through his remarks.

Critics have pointed to Hamas’s use of this word to claim that Hill was once both intentionally parroting a Hamas line that requires Israel’s removal, or on the very least ignorantly repeating a deeply offensive and triggering word.

Yet lost in most of these discussions is any acknowledgement of what this word in fact approach — and has supposed — to Palestinians of all political stripes and convictions. As a Palestinian American and a student of Palestinian historical past, I’m involved through the loss of pastime in how this word is known through the individuals who invoke it….

That’s how the call for a unfastened Palestine “from the river to the sea” received traction within the 1960s. It was once a part of a bigger call to look a mundane democratic state established in all of historical Palestine. Palestinians was hoping their state can be unfastened from oppression of all types, from Israeli in addition to from Arab regimes.

To be certain, numerous Palestinians idea that during a unmarried democratic state, many Jewish Israelis would voluntarily go away, just like the French settlers in Algeria did when that nation received its independence from the French. Their trust stemmed from the anti-colonial context wherein the Palestinian liberation motion arose.

That’s why, regardless of the occasional bout of overheated rhetoric from some leaders, there was once no legitimate Palestinian place calling for the pressured elimination of Jews from Palestine. This endured to be their place regardless of an Israeli media campaign following the 1967 battle that claimed Palestinians wanted to “throw Jews into the sea.”

While Palestinians considered Zionists as similar to colonial settlers, Jews who had been keen to are living as equals with the Palestinians had been welcome to stick. In his 1974 speech to the UN, Fatah chief and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat declared, “when we speak of our common hopes for the Palestine of tomorrow we include in our perspective all Jews now living in Palestine who choose to live with us there in peace and without discrimination.”…

And however the intense rhetoric of a few leaders on all sides, a contemporary joint ballot presentations that just a small minority of Palestinians see “expulsion” as a way to the struggle – 15% — which is by the way the similar proportion of Israelis who view this as the one answer….

Most troubling for me, the conclusion {that a} “free Palestine” would essentially result in the mass annihilation of Jewish Israelis is rooted in deeply racist and Islamophobic assumptions about who the Palestinians are and what they would like….

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