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Ebonyi State University sacks 63 teachers

Ebonyi State University

The control of Ebonyi State University (EBSU) on Thursday mentioned it has sacked 63 teachers for more than a few offences including sexual harassment.

Other offences levelled against the academics come with alleged certificates forgery and extortion.

The public members of the family officer of the college, Patrick Itumo, showed the sack to newsmen.

He famous that amongst the ones sacked have been adjunct teachers of the college who had ‘overstayed’ within the college.

According to him, many of the sacked workforce have been mentioned to have received their West African School Certificate Examination certificate before their First School Leaving certificates.

They have been additionally mentioned to have falsified their age certificate and different related credentials.

The spokesman mentioned the sack adopted an audit record submitted by means of a committee arrange to make sure credentials of staff of the establishment.

It used to be learnt that over 300 individuals have been affected by means of the sack however the spokesman mentioned best 63 have been pushed aside. “They are not over 300 as being speculated. As I speak to you, they are 63 in number that have been disengaged,” he mentioned.

“There is that this audit record that used to be introduced out from the place those folks have been disengaged, 63 of them. Some of them have age discrepancies of their information. Some folks received in doubt First School Leaving certificate; some received their WAEC before their First School Leaving certificate.

“There are people who should have retired at the age of 65 or 70 years and they are still in service and also some adjunct professors who come from various places whose contracts has been reviewed up to five times,” he added.

The spokesman additionally instructed scholars who’ve suffered sexual harassment from teachers to come back ahead.

He promised that the college control will offer protection to such scholars from victimisation.

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