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Canada changing into a base for Islamic State and different jihadis making ready to assault america

Grateful Guy: Most each technology in the course of the ages has prophesized about finish occasions. 1000 A.D. was once a in particular “big year” as was once 1666. 2000 was once additionally posited as finish occasions as neatly. And so on.

Sorry, however “wolf” has been cried means too regularly. As for scripture correctly foretelling the longer term, might I refer you to 1 David Hume (1711-1776) who ripped to shreds ALL biblical prophecies. Every remaining one.

Understand, I believe Judaism and Christianity enlightened religions for moral causes, contra Islam, however I additionally believe ALL religions, within the final research, the stuff of fluff. All threaten no less than two issues—condemnation within the subsequent international, or condemnation by way of the deity or deities on this international of the faith of selection, for now not believing or doing this, that or the opposite factor. Well, I don’t like threats for now not accepting one thing. Philosophy and science unpoliticized don’t do that. Religion does innately—maximum definitely.

What makes Islam, then again, so other from different primary religions, in an excessively nefarious and stressful means, is the “third threat” distinctive to Islam in its theological blueprint, i.e., the fitting of its believers IN THIS WORLD to make use of drive to insure that Islam prevails far and wide.

Whenever believers in every other primary religion have used drive IN THIS WORLD to insure its propagation, such believers had been violating the tenets in their religion. Not with Muslims despite the fact that. As an instance, there are no less than 109 passages within the Koran teaching its deluded believers to salary battle upon the entire international “until all religion is with Allah.” {Sura 8:39} There are zero passages within the New Testament calling upon Christians to do the similar factor till the entire international is Christian. I appreciate this in regards to the New Testament, contra the Koran.

All religions put forth ordinary claims with out ordinary proof (sorry, however the claim of the resurrection of Jesus, let on my own his divinity, does now not represent ordinary proof when taking into consideration such components, amongst such a lot of others, because the claim by way of many early Christians {particularly before the Council of Nicaea in 325} that it was once a non secular resurrection, now not a bodily one; that desires had been thought to be as actual as waking existence, if now not extra, again then; and that Jesus “appeared” to nobody after his death aside from, my-oh-my how handy and tendentious, to people who already believed in him.

Personally, I to find the universe totally detached to us. I believe it way more possible that man created God than the opposite direction round. BUT, no primary religion is a risk to my liberty EXCEPT Islam. And for this reason I despise it and why I despise no different primary religion despite the fact that I settle for none of them. If this doesn’t function a testomony of my total trust machine, not anything does.

And I’m totally aware that my “testament” right here must now not be of significance to somebody however myself. I be expecting NO ONE to assume as I do however I do be expecting that I will be able to, to the most efficient of my deficient skills, attempt to discern the thriller of life as my judgment of right and wrong, intelligence and intestine emotions optimally permit me to take action.

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