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Anonymous vs. Ghosthunter YouTube kayfabe come what may laws the internet for an afternoon / Boing Boing

Welcome to 2018.

Here’s an archived clip of ghost-hunting vlogger Moe Sargi having an oops second. This peek in the back of the curtain used to be supposedly left in a now-removed authentic posting because of an modifying error. The fascinating factor, despite the fact that, is not the embarassment of a mystical poseur, however the truth that the one outcome is a brand new layer of kayfabe: each his professional twitter account and channel are recently “occupied” through an anonymous-style “hacker” personality, Project Zorgo, who supposedly pressured him to submit the obviously-faked video.

Ah, however is it this the actual pretend Project Zorgo?

Millions of subscribers! The long run of leisure! The older you’re, the much more likely you’re to deliver one thing with you, cultural receptors from an previous media age, that suggests this type of factor (if now not this precise factor) come what may manages to idiot you. But Sargi’s tween fans just need him to knock it off and return to the spooky basement crawls.

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