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Angola Implements the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s Enhanced General Data Dissemination System APO Group – Africa-Newsroom: newest information releases associated with Africa

WASHINGTON D.C., United States of America, December 6, 2018/APO Group/ —

Angola has carried out the suggestions of the IMF’s Enhanced General Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS) via publishing essential records via a “data hub” — National Summary Data Page (NSDP). The web page goals to function a one-stop-shop for crucial macroeconomic records on nationwide accounts, government operations and debt, financial and fiscal sector, and the stability of bills. These records will likely be disseminated in each human and machine-readable codecs. The e-GDDS used to be established via the IMF’s Executive Board in 2015 to make stronger stepped forward records transparency, inspire statistical construction, and help create synergies between records dissemination and surveillance.

The NSDP is maintained via an open records platform supplied via the African Development Bank and the IMF’s Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board . The NSDP web page comprises hyperlinks to stats revealed via respectable records manufacturers, specifically the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Angola, and the National Institute of Statistics.

Publication of crucial macroeconomic records in the course of the NSDP will cut back data-reporting burdens of Angolan government to other businesses and the markets. The NSDP will supply nationwide policy makers and home and world stakeholders, including buyers and rating businesses, with simple get entry to to knowledge that the IMF’s Executive Board has recognized as essential for tracking financial prerequisites and insurance policies. In addition, e-newsletter of well timed records in keeping with an Advance Release Calendar will deliver sure externality to the markets via enhanced records transparency.

Louis Marc Ducharme, Chief Statistician and Data Officer of the IMF and Director of the Statistics Department, welcomed this milestone within the nation’s statistical construction. “I congratulate the authorities of Angola for the launch of the NSDP, an important step forward in data dissemination. The publication of data on the NDSP will serve as a public good supporting data transparency for the benefit of policy makers, investors, and the public.”

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