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Angelina Jolie has labored ‘tirelessly’ to ensure her kids are ‘keenly aware’ of the struggles of these in want. A supply near her informed HL EXCLUSIVELY how she needed them introduced up!

Angelina Jolie will not be paying any thoughts to stories that she’s spoiling her kids as a result of she feels that regardless of some pampering to keep them happy, these claims could not be farther from the reality. A supply near Angelina informed us EXCLUSIVELY how she believes she’s raised her kids to be empathetic to others’ plights. “As far as them becoming spoiled brats, that’s not a realistic accusation or worry because Angelina works tirelessly to make them citizens of the world,” our supply informed us. “They’re all keenly aware of the struggles facing the less fortunate because they’ve seen it firsthand.”

When it comes right down to it, Angelina appears like she’s tried to offer experiences to her kids that may make them well-rounded and worldly-wise. “They’ve visited war zones and poverty stricken countries,” our supply went on to say. “These are not kids that are living the typical sheltered lives that most children of Hollywood stars experience. Angelina has always put a big focus on building their empathy. They learn humanitarianism alongside her.”

All in all, Angelina appears like her kids have their hearts in the suitable locations. “These are six kids that are being brought up to want to make a difference in the world,” our supply added. “They’re far from spoiled.” We reported earlier how a supply informed In Touch that Angelina is outwardly resorting to spoiling her kids as a tactic in her ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt. “If they ask to go shopping, they go shopping,” the supply informed the publication. “If they want to go hiking, they go hiking. She’s trying her hardest to spoil them. She’ll resort to any dirty trick to make sure she gets custody.”

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