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Daniel writes, “An obsessive programmer, annoyed with not solely the inefficiencies of mainstream OSes like Windows, however what he sees as their ‘imperialistic oppression,’ constructed a whole working system utilizing a subleq structure. Subleq is a OISC, a language with solely a single command. It lacks essentially the most fundamental options of programming languages, and but is Turing Complete.

i felt very unsatisfyed with each gnu/linux and home windows. because the time elapsed, the sensation began to turn into even stronger: linux and home windows turned greater and slower, linux now employs 5-10ok nugatory packages to color icons on the display screen, in the meantime it not even helps icons for the binaries. mainly each linux software program wants a whole bunch of packages to downloaded individually from web, as they’re created by scripters who randomly utilizing exterior libraries to even carry out an rgb to bgr conversion, and never actual programmers who’ve a clue about writing applications. the latest kde wants 30 seconds to carry up the beginning menu on my 1,6 ghz atom netbook. home windows additionally caught in its life – corporative clowns have overtaken the event: they just randomly gathered round some camp fire, they usually determined they dont want a begin menu. this resolution cost them in all probability very lot, as they positioned it again in home windows10, too unhealthy now it should present ads in case you click on on it. they completely failed to enter the arm market, they in all probability had no employer with the talents of writing a software degree x86 emulator to run a minimum of the present functions, they usually nonetheless had been unable to release one. these are severe issues, it signifies that each gnu/linux and home windows is on the point of death. the true creators who had technical or another kownedge or sense left these areas very long time in the past. there are additionally lack of technical data at linux facet, for instance, most linux distributions cant even detect the cpu kind, and power a kernel utilizing PAE or SSE kernel on a 6×86 cpu, which after all will crash at boot. to not point out linux kernel immediately crashes if it runs out the ram, and this bug has not been mounted within the final 20 years, even whether it is technically attainable to take action on complicated {hardware}… no actual growth on home windows or linux has been made prior to now 2 decade.

A Programming Language With Only One Command and the Anti-Imperialist Operating System Built on it
[Daniel Temkin/Esoteric Codes]

(Thanks, Daniel!)

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