Afghanistan: Islamic State jihadists accused of rape and murder to be granted amnesty


This is because the warring factions in Afghanistan all hold to generally the same ideology and belief system. They just differ on who should be in charge, and their stance upon the Infidels who are propping up one faction against another. Once the Americans are gone from Afghanistan, it will become once again a jihad-exporting Islamic state. It would be much wiser to withdraw now and adopt a policy of containment against these jihadis, rather than to continue the fool’s errand of trying to defeat the jihadis and establish a Western-style secular republic in Afghanistan, which will never happen.

“Islamic State jihadists accused of rape and murder to be granted amnesty,” Express, August 4, 2018:

ISLAMIC STATE fighters who surrendered to Afghan forces this week in the northern province of Jawzjan may be granted amnesty despite accusations of atrocities including rape and murder, officials said.

Around 150 Islamic State fighters, including two senior commanders, gave themselves up after being driven from their strongholds in Jawzjan by the Taliban after weeks of fighting.

Thousands of civilians fled the area in the districts of Darzab and Qush Tepa and many accused Islamic State fighters of multiple atrocities, giving detailed accounts of women and young girls being taken from their families, raped and, in some cases, murdered.

However the spokesman for the Jawzjan provincial governor said the need to encourage militant fighters to surrender was likely to mean that they would not face charges.

“There is an amnesty for the Daesh group that surrendered in Darzab district,” Mohammad Reza Ghafouri, spokesman for the Jawzjan provincial governor, said, referring to Islamic State.

“The group will not be presented to legal and judicial authorities because they are taking part in the peace process,” he said, adding that people with complaints about individual Islamic State members were free to take the matter up with the courts.

Government officials said it was the first time such large numbers of Islamic State fighters had surrendered at once. Several women and children, all related to the fighters, had also handed themselves to Afghan authorities.

“Any adversary of the government that joins the peace process has to be given amnesty because if they are taken before the judges, other adversaries who have reached an agreement with the government will go cold on it,” Ghafouri said….

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