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$1000 reward offered to find person responsible for killing black bear family in B.C. – BC

$1000 reward offered to find person responsible for killing black bear family in B.C. - BC

An animal advocacy staff is providing $1000 to anyone for data main to a conviction of the person responsible for killing a family of black bears closing week at the Sunshine Coast.

A sow and her 2 cubs of the year have been discovered shot lifeless and thrown over an embankment alongside a logging highway in the Roberts Creek house on September 27th, in accordance to the Conservation Officer Service.

Executive director of the Fur-Bearers, Lesley Fox, stated she’s hoping this cash will probably be incentive sufficient for anyone to come ahead with data.

“We need to find out what was the motivation behind this wretched action and certainly hold that person accountable… but it’s an entire family of bears was destroyed because someone is obviously callous and arguably disturbed on whatever level.”

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“To see them just so recklessly abused and discarded I think you know obviously suggestive of a certain type of personality and that individual needs to be brought to justice it’s completely unacceptable and I think again it’s really urgent that we report animal cruelty because if someone can do this to an animal, who knows where that stops.”

“Mother bears are so protective of their cubs, they’re a really strong family unit — these babies never had a chance.”

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The COS’ Murray Smith stated it’s investigating the deaths — and that it’s illegal underneath The Wildlife Act to shoot a mom bear together with her cubs.

He stated the young children have been ‘cubs of the year,’ which means they have been born in 2018, have been about 9 months outdated and weighing roughly 50 kilos.

The COS and The Fur-Bearers are each encouraging someone who has details about the lifeless family to touch the province’s Poachers and Polluters line at 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP)

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