Giant sculpture proclaiming “There is not any god however Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” goes up at Ground Zero

As for that Islamic affront put up a Ground Zero that has the phrases ingrained on it “There is not any god however Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. “ This is a slap within the face to the WTRC included the harmless sufferer murdered by the forces of Islam who’re trapped in these jets that had been hijacked by Muslim terrorists, and likewise as slap within the face to the households and buddies to these victims these jihad assaults on 9/11 .To say the this “sculpture” with these phrases on it’s in “very unhealthy style” a gross understatement .

Furthermore, that creed of Islam that “There is not any god however Allah….” Means one thing in regards to the god of Islam particularly l at Ground Zero . For that Islamic god “Allah “ is a really vicious malicious god of death ,if he does exits . For this Allah delight and was completely satisfied when all these individuals who ate not Muslim, ,Kafirs, died on that particular day of September 11, 2001.

For the god of Islam likes it when non-Muslims [Kafirs] die . About the god of Islam ,the tv Imam Suliman Satari mentioned “Annihilate the Infidels… Allah depend them and kill them, to the final one and don’t go away even one.” Furthermore Imam Abu Hamza Al-Masri mentioned “What makes Allah completely satisfied? Allah is completely satisfied when Kafiers get killed. [1]
. The above phrases of those Imams replicate the instance of Islam’s prophet and the teachings of the Quran. “Muhammad now fell upon them [the Jews] slew all the lads, 9 hundred of them…”[2]
Moreover, the Quran reads “When ye encounter the unbelievers strike off their heads, till ye have made nice slaughter amongst them. Verily if Allah happy, He could take vengeance on them with out your help, however He commandeth you to fight His Battles.” 47:4
In quick, these Imams and their murderous prophet with their bloody Quran present the world what Islam actually is. After all, Jesus did educate “by their fruits you’ll know them.” Matthew 7:20. [NKJV]


In addition it very a lot must be remembered that the God of the Bible is just not actually Allah the god of Islam. To clarify, via the passing of time it has turn out to be broadly accepted that the phrase “Allah” is just the Arabic phrase for God. This began when fact compromising Bible “translators” substituted the phrase Allah the place the phrase God ought to have had been uses within the Arabic translation of the Bible. Furthermore, within the glossary within the e book ASSASSINS! By Dr. Haha Lung it defines Allah because the “Pre-Islamic Lunar god : the god of Islam. “ Likewise, within the e book entitled INSIDE ISLAM by a former Muslim who’s now a Christian, Reza F. Safa on pages 22, 23 it reads “In pre-Islamic instances each Allah –worship and Baal-worship concerned the worship of the solar, the moon and the celebs which h defines them as astral religions. [Which are condemned in the Bible, Second Kings 23:5] The crescent moon, which was the image of moon worship, is also the image of Islam.” In conclusion the Islamic god, Allah, is just not the God of the Bible.

The phrases in brackets are my very own. In addition different another books that expose this little recognized truths are WHO IS THIS ALLAH ? by G..J.O.. Moshay additionally UNVEILING ISLAM by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner and THE ISLAMIC INVASION by Robert Morey . There is also PHILISTINE by Ramon Bennett and ANSWERING JIHAD by Mabeel Qureshi

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