Baby Spice recreates iconic Spice Girls second twenty years later

I’ll inform you what I would like, what I actually, really need. I actually wish to see all my favorite iconic Spice Girls moments recreated twenty years later. 

Thankfully, Emma Bunton — AKA Baby Spice — is aware of precisely what all of us actually, really need. She visited the filming location of the music video for “Wannabe” and posed for a photograph.

Bunton tweeted a pic of herself posing on the steps of the staircase she and her fellow Spice Girls danced on again in 1996. 

In case you have forgotten, this is the video we’re speaking about: 

Obviously fans cherished this little little bit of nostalgia and understood the reference instantly. 

Some fans had clearly already paid their respects to this well-known staircase (which might be discovered on the St. Pancras Grand Hotel in London). They tweeted pics of themselves posing there, too. 

OK, now I wanna actually, actually, actually wanna zigazig ah.

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